Nov 2nd, 2012 WFTDA Championships

The Atlanta Rollergirls All-Star team, ranked #2 in the South Central Region, the Dirty South Derby Girls, made their WFTDA Championship debut on Day 1 of Grits and Glory. DSDG took the track against the Naptown Roller Girls (North Central Region #3) to a packed house of over 2000 ramped up fans, hardcore and brand new derby fans alike.

For the first eight jams, DSDG held Naptown scoreless, with Nora Gretz cranking out a 24-point power jam early on, leading to a 50-0 score at the end of the eighth jam. Piper Sonic was the first Naptown jammer to put points on the board, bringing the score to 50-9 in the ninth jam. From then on, the Naptown girls took lead jammer status for the majority of the first period, scoring 35 points in the last seven jams. But DSDG held the lead at the end of the half, 88-70.

The Merchant of Menace started the second half against Naptown jammer Maiden America, and DSDG kept Maiden from breaking the pack, with Menace picking up 9 points, increasing DSDG’s lead to 26 points. Heavy penalty trouble for DSDG lead to Naptown taking the lead after nearly 44 minutes of game play. When Jammunition answered with a 20-point power jam, bringing DSDG back on top, the crowd went bananas. Alas, a few jams later, Naptown regained the lead, with the hometown crowd visibly and audibly increasing their support of DSDG.

With fewer than two minutes left, Menace took the line and grabbed lead jammer. At the end of the jam, with only five seconds left in the period, Menace called off the jam, much to the surprise of the fans and announcers. The score: 146 Atlanta 152 Naptown. With all of their time outs used up, DSDG used their official review to stop the clock and get in one last jam. Menace, again, took the line and was able to grab lead jammer status from Naptown jammer Maiden America, but it wasn’t enough to close the gap. The final score was Atlanta 153, Naptown 169.


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