February 16th, 2013 Bout 1

280 Toxic Shocks

146 Denim Demons

In the first bout of the 2013 season, last year’s defending-champion Denim Demons took on the Toxic Shocks, who ended the 2012 season in third place. By all accounts the Demons went into the bout as the favorite to win, lead by last season’s star transfer from Gotham, Wild Cherri. Early in the bout, the Shocks showed that perhaps they shouldn’t be considered the underdog. As the Demons racked up jammer penalties, power jam runs by Shock jammers Jammunition, Jean-Juke Picard, and Trouble Makeher gave the Shocks a healthy lead, despite strong defense from Queen Loseyateefa, Ozzie Kamakazi, and the Demons’ wall. The Shocks lead 162 – 62 at the half.

Wild Cherri started the second half with a massive power jam, bringing the score as close as it got that evening, but blocker penalties hurt the Demons too, with Wild Cherri ultimately fouling out of the game. The Shocks held steady throughout the second half with a wall that included recently unretired Pearl Reckless and Canna Whoopass. Ultimately the Shocks took home a resounding win, and showed that who will come out on top this season is really anyone’s guess. Players of the game were Rebel Yellow (blocker) and Desi Scarnaz (jammer) for the Toxic Shocks, and Hate Ashbury (jammer) and Ozzie Kamakazi (blocker) for the Demons.


Photo by Website Dave Green.

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