The Boss, #516

Boss_2014Years with ARG: 2014

Current Team: Apocalypstix, Rumble Bs

Previous Teams: CCRG

Accolades: One To Watch (Rookie of The Year 2012) and Most Lives Up to Her Name (2013)

Skates: Brooklyn Skate Company Murillo 340 Boot

Derby Wife: Lux Furious from Classic City Rollergirls

Derby Idols: Wild Cherri

Likes: dogs, advertising, rock climbing, Lez Dispenser, traveling

Dislikes: mean people

Prior Athletic Background: I have played sports my entire life …soccer, surfing, and I was on the rowing team in college.

How Did You Get Into Derby: I saw a bout in Athens and a few years later I wanted to join a team-oriented sport because I missed playing sports.

Unexpected Way Derby has Impacted Your Life: I have met some incredible people …some of whom have changed my life for the better.

Game Day Ritual: watching TV and lounging with my dogs

Most Embarrassing Derby Moment: when a derby fan/ “stalker” I had back in Athens posted on craigslist for all the World to see