Hate Ashbury, #67

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Years with ARG: 2010-2014

Current Teams: Denim Demons, Rumble Bs

Accolades: Rookie of the Year 2010, Most Improved, Rumble Bs, 2011

Skates: I love them only second to my family. They are custom fit Bont hybrid carbon speed skates, with 45 degree trucks. They fit perfectly from the day that I got them. Each skate weighs a whole pound less than my old skates. They are so light, I can run in them. One of my friends once said to me that custom-made skates are like your children– you know you are going to love them, but you have no idea how much until you have them. That is how I feel about my Bonts.

Derby Idols: Bonnie Thunders, Suzy Hotrod, Sandrine Rangeon

Derby Wife: Deathskull

Likes: History (seriously, I like history), Television, beer, crafting, cooking, cats

Dislikes: Movies about Nazis or terminal illnesses, jazz

Prior Athletic Background: Marathon runner

How Did You Get Into Derby: I started going to derby bouts after one of my friends tried out and started skating with the Stix. I was a fan for a couple of years before I got up the nerve to try out myself.

Unexpected Way Derby has Impacted Your Life: It has become something that my whole family loves. At first derby just took me away from my husband and daughter because it occupied so much time. But now, they are also hooked — we all skate together, watch bouts together, and my daughter is a Derby Brat.

Most Embarrassing Derby Moment: Some of my most “embarrassing” derby moments have been some of my favorite derby moments. In my rookie year, I got hit into the VIP seats and slid into someone’s beer cooler, knocking cans of beer everywhere. But I jumped up and ran back on the track and it was great!

Hardest Part of Being a Rollergirl: You’d think it would be the pain. Derby involves a lot of pain, with regular bruises and velcro scrapes and sore muscles….But it’s really the time. Derby kind of takes over, with practice, your derby job, and travel. So it means missing out on other things, like television and family and sleep.

Greatest Derby Moment: Probably my best derby moment was winning MVP at the Demons-Stix game in my rookie year. My sister was in the audience and it was the first time she had seen me play.

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