Support Staff

Remember that old saying about it taking a village to raise a baby? Well, it’s doubly true for a derby league! The Atlanta Rollergirls league is a skater-owned organization that is run entirely on the talents, dedication, and hard work of our skater and non-skater volunteers. We couldn’t do what we do without the support and help of our extended ARG family, and that’s why we’d like to take some time to thank those that have helped this league develop into the dynamic organization that it is today.

Coach Jim Blair
ARG is honored to have World Champion Speed Skating Coach, Jim Blair, as our speed and endurance skating coach. Jim has been with us since Season 1, whipping us into shape, turning shaky newbies into speedy, stable skaters, and providing heaps of encouragement and support along the way.

Adam Pinney
Ed Selby
Jeff Clark of PeopleTV
Kevin Borke
Basil Gravanis
George Squashingfun Carver
Website Dave
Phil Peterson
Tim Moxley

EMT/Medical Staff
Glen Jackson
Heather Hall
Randy Vaughn
Spice n Dice

O-Jen Ishii
Pirate Trish
Sailor Man
Toxic Doc
Tupacalypse/T.I. Pufnstuf

Peach Clobber
Inda Woods
Senor Panteez
Betty Boot
Heller Highwater
Juana X Sanguinate
The Enforcer
Brick Wahl
Ref Fried Beans
Glock Holiday
Barron Brown
Rita Hateworth
Jessticular Fortitude

Gargoyle Loftis
John P. of Criminal Records
Dave Cook
Thomas Branch

Lucky Yates
Nicola Areola
Sweet Willy T-Bag
Elle Beaux
Bob Noxious (Remote Announcer)

OG Supporters

Jeff Ward, Jordan Gum, and Wesley Roberts—These guys were with us for the first four seasons, donating both resources and countless hours of their time, helping us with everything from running security to setting up the track, moving equipment, and supporting us at events.

Frank Mullen—ARG was fortunate to have as our first official photographer, rock and roll photography legend, Frank Mullen. He was responsible for shooting our bouts, and skater and team photos for ARG Seasons 1-4. Sadly, ARG lost a beloved family member when Frank passed away in 2010. Check out Frank’s photography here:

La Dangerosa—Who could forget the stunning Ms. Dangerosa? La Dangerosa served as ARG’s Penalty Mistress during our first two season’s bouts, doling out cheeky penalties to crowd and skaters alike, and keeping the crowd on its feet and cheering!

The Reverend Uncle Laffo and Rotknee—Back when the crowd was still learning the game, announcing roller derby could be a real challenge. Reverend Uncle Laffo and Rotknee came to the rescue! Our original announcers, they kept the crowd entertained and informed, through Seasons 1 and 2.

Gina Prinze—Gina Prinze, of Lawrenceville’s Sparkles skating rink, graciously helped us out with our first practice space and with her personal and professional support!

Chris Thoren—Chris Thoren designed our incredible Atlanta Rollergirls logo in Season 1, and we love it so much that we’re still using it today!

Fluffy Von Beaverhausen
Rose Riot
Esso Terrick
P.Nutty Cutter
Lola Cabana
The Shock Tarts – Hannah, Hannah, and Amanda
Splatty Cake
The Red Ninja