Atlanta’s B-Team: The Rumble Bs

Rumble Bs Team Photo

Photo by O-Jen Ishii

2016 Roster

LuxFurious – Captain
Evil Olive – Co-captain
Hate Ashbury – Co-captain
Curbstompin’ Cupcake
Desi Scarnaz
Erykah Ba-Doozie
Helga G. Pa-Smack-I
High Jinxxx
Human Missile Crisis
Lady Skatepants
Luna Critz
Maul E. Cule
Nora Gretz
Ramblin’ Wrecker
Remy Nah
Sissy Splaysek
Snarls Darwin

Support Staff

Andrew Milne – Coach
DJ Jazzy Ref – Assistant Coach
The Boss – Trainer
deathskull – Bench Manager

Buzz Buzz Atlanta!  Prepare to get stung by Atlanta’s B team, the Rumble Bs!

In addition to Atlanta’s all-star team the Dirty South Derby Girls (DSDG), the Rumble Bs also proudly represent Atlanta in inter-league play. Originally just called the B team, the Rumble Bs were renamed in 2009, and have a brand new roster for the 2014 season. The Bs play teams who have not yet reached the highest levels of national competition, including smaller leagues, WFTDA apprentice leagues, and other WTFDA leagues’ B teams. Wear your red and blue, and come out to support these rising stars of Atlanta roller derby!