What’s in a derby skate? Part 1: Boots, Plates, Trucks

If you’re a musician, people want to know about your gear. If you’re a turbonerd programmer like me, people (or at least other turbonerds) want to know about your keyboard. But if you’re a rollergirl, people always want to know about your skates.

I hear this question a lot from people who are new to derby: “Why are your skates so expensive? I could get a pair at Goodwill for twenty bucks!” While that’s certainly true, I think a question like this reveals that most people simply don’t know what’s required out of derby skates. Let’s look at some of the components of a quad skate, and how each part affects how a rollergirl skates.

The Boot

As you can probably guess, the boot is the part of the skate you put your foot in. It’s ultimately just a specialized shoe that’s bolted down onto the rest of the skate. Despite this, there are important differences between a derby boot and a boot meant for the roller rink.

Roller rink boot: high tops, high heel.

Roller rink boot: high tops, high heel, personal fit.

Roller rink boots are typically modeled after figure skates, which means that they lace up above your ankles, and they also have a pretty high heel. The fit varies from person to person– some people like their skates tight, and others like them loose, but it’s mostly a matter of personal taste.

Derby boot: low top, low heel, stays, ankle strap.

Derby boot: low top, low heel, tight fit.

But all these features of rink skates would be working against you if you tried to use them on the derby track. Stability and agility are crucial: you’ve got to be able to take a hit or, better yet, dodge it and escape. Stability comes from keeping your weight mostly in your heels, and the low heels of derby boots help support this. Most (but not all) derby boots lace up below the ankles, so that skaters have their full range of ankle motion available when they need to juke around blockers. (Some skaters just prefer the additional ankle support of a higher-top boot.) And since derby is already exhausting enough, it’s really important for derby boots to fit like a glove. If your feet are sliding around in your skates, that means that you’re wasting energy that could otherwise be used to make you go really fast or juke really hard. Why work harder than you have to?

The Plate and Trucks


The plate and trucks work together to transfer your foot’s energy into skating power and to help you steer. The plate is a piece of stiff material (usually plastic or metal) that is bolted onto the boot, and the trucks are the T-shaped pieces of metal that attach the wheels to the plate. Between the trucks and plates are small rubbery pieces of urethane called cushions or bushings that can make it easier or harder to turn sharply. (These are the little red shiny things in the picture above.

As an aside, the way you steer on quad skates is by shifting where your weight is. If your weight is centered in the middle of the skate, you’ll go straight. But by shifting your weight to one side of the skate, you change the angle between the trucks by compressing one side of the cushions, and this is what’s responsible for steering you. The more dramatic the angle between the trucks, the sharper the turn you’ll get.

Even weight = parallel trucks = going straight forward. Weight on the left side of the skate = trucks at an angle = turning left.

Even weight = parallel trucks = going straight forward. Weight on the left side of the skate = trucks at an angle = turning left.

Heavy roller rink skates Photo: Chad Kainz (

If you’ve rented skates at a rink, you know they typically come with heavy, basically indestructible aluminum plates. Skates you find at Goodwill might even come with nylon ones. For derby, plates and trucks need to be as stiff as possible so that very little energy is wasted when you stride. As a result, most derby skates have metal trucks. But aluminum trucks can also add weight to your skates, so some some skaters have magnesium plates, which are both stiff and lightweight (but more expensive). There’s a lot of thought about how where you mount the plate on the boot changes how you skate, and about how the construction of the plate itself can really affect how you turn, but that’s outside the scope of this column. The rabbit hole goes way deep!

That’s all the space I have for this week. Next time, we’ll talk about wheels, bearings, and toe stops.

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Playoff Bout Recaps

Combining a notoriously strong defense and intensely physical jamming, the Apocalypstix dominated throughout much of the second bout, taking an early lead and holding on to it even when momentum temporarily shifted in the Toxic Shocks’ favor. Apocalypstix blockers, with standout performances by Queen Loseyateefa and Madditude Adjustment, frustrated even the Shocks’ all-star jammers Afro Dykee and Baller Shot Caller, holding the Shocks scoreless for seven consecutive jams in the first half. But for most of the hour, this was not a bout characterized by high-scoring jams but a tit-for-tat with the Stix steadily increasing their lead. At half time the Stix had outpaced the Shocks to the tune of 105-57.

Bout 1: Apocalypstix vs. Toxic Shocks

Combining a notoriously strong defense and intensely physical jamming, the Apocalypstix dominated throughout much of the first bout, taking an early lead and holding on to it even when momentum temporarily shifted in the Toxic Shocks’ favor. Apocalypstix blockers, with standout performances by Queen Loseyateefa and Madditude Adjustment, frustrated even the Shocks’ all-star jammers Afro Dykee and Baller Shot Caller, holding the Shocks scoreless for seven consecutive jams in the first half. But for most of the hour, this was not a bout characterized by high-scoring jams but a tit-for-tat with the Stix steadily increasing their lead. At half time the Stix had outpaced the Shocks to the tune of 105-57.

Photo: Clay Walker

Photo: Clay Walker

The first jam of the second half delivered a much-needed power jam to the Shocks allowing Afro Dykee to put up a cool 21 points and cut the Stix lead from 48 to 29 points. But the Stix began to extend the lead again, aided by a couple of 10+ point jams and a whopping 25-point power jam. Two consecutive Stix jammer penalties in a single jam gave the opportunity right back to the Shocks who converted the break into 25 points for the ladies in green. But the momentum never completely shifted in the Shocks’ favor. The Stix lead held steady, with the Stix scooping up most of the lead jam calls in the final minutes in spite of formidable Shocks walls anchored by all-star blockers Axtual Malice and Rebel Yellow. The Stix finished the game with a decisive 196-145 score and secured their seed in the championship bout.

MVP blockers were Madditude Adjustment for the Apocalypstix and Rebel Yellow for the Toxic Shocks; MVP jammers were Dani Doom for the Apocalypstix and Baller Shot Caller for the Toxic Shocks.

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

Bout 2: Sake Tuyas vs. the Denim Demons

A reprise of last month’s exciting bout which delivered a Demons upset of the previously undefeated Sake Tuyas, this playoff game lived up to predictions, with extremely close scores and the win in balance for the full 60 minutes. For the first 8 jams the teams traded advantage and the lead, until Sakes jammer Saikou was able to capitalize on two consecutive Demons jammer penalities in a single jam to open up a 27-point lead for the Sakes. The Sakes held onto that lead, but Demons defensive standouts Wild Cherri and Nattie Longlegs held Sakes jammers to just 9 additional points in the next 7 jams. Demons’ jammers slowly chipped away at the Sakes’ margin, bringing the ladies in blue to within 3 points as the half wound down. Sakes defense, however, also took a toll on the Demons. Zone-style defense, anchored by Switchblade Siouxsie and Desi Scarnaz, opened up an opportunity for Sakes jammers to extend the Sakes lead to 98-71 by the halftime whistle.

Photo: Clay Walker

Photo: Clay Walker

The Denim Demons came out strong in the second half, taking advantage of two Sakes jammer penalties to cut the Sakes’ lead to just 2 points by the 3rd jam. The Sakes held onto the lead and extended it to 27 points about midway through the half, but power jams and penalties proved key, allowing the Demons to remain within the range of just a single
high-scoring jam. In the final minutes the Sakes poured on the aggression, winning a series of lead jam calls and holding the Demons scoreless for 5 consecutive jams. In the final jam of the game, Demons jammer Jean-Juke Picard snagged the lead and put up 23 points, but it was not enough to close the gap. Sakes took the win 193-166, and advanced to the championship bout.

MVP blockers were Desi Scarnaz for the Sake Tuyas and Totalitiffian for the Denim Demons; MVP jammers were The Boss for the Sake Tuyas and Jean-Juke Picard for the Denim Demons.

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

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Cheer your team to victory at Saturday’s playoff bouts!


Bout 1: Apocalypstix vs Toxic Shocks @ 5pm

The first game on the road to ARG Champs is The Apocalypstix vs. The Toxic Shocks. These teams last played each other in June, and the Stix brought home their second win of the season. The Shocks have won just one game so far this year, and will have to even things out if they want to make it to the big game.

The Shocks went undefeated last season, until the championship game where the Denim Demons won on a 20+ point game-changing final jam, leaving the Toxic Shocks sitting in second place for the season. The Apocalypstix have never won an ARG Championship, and haven’t even seen a champs game in years. Both of these teams have something to prove today. Will last season’s golden girls get a second chance at the golden skate? Or is this the season of the underdog?


I recognize those skates! Photo: Clay Walker


Photo: Clay Walker

Bout 2: Sake Tuyas vs Denim Demons @ 7:30pm

Our final game on the road to ARG Champs is The Denim Demons vs. The Sake Tuyas. The Demons are the only team to have beat the Sakes so far this season, and all they need is a repeat of last month’s victory to move into the ARG Championship game.

The Denim Demons are the Atlanta Rollergirls 2014 Home Team Champions, and this is their chance to take home the trophy once again. But the Sakes have had quite an appealing run this season, having won all games excluding last month’s bout against the Demons.  The Sakes look to be a top contender for this year’s coveted golden skate. So now we have the re-match of the season; will last year’s victor take the road that leads to gold, or will the Sakes finalize their spot as a contender for the Atlanta Rollergirls 2015 Champs?

Demons MVP jammer (and rookie) Hale Damage takes some offense on the inside line from Nattie Long Legs. Photo: Chris Albright

Demons MVP jammer (and recent rookie) Hale Damage takes some offense on the inside line from Nattie Long Legs.
Photo: Chris Albright

Holding the inside line. Photo: Chris Albright

Holding the inside line.
Photo: Chris Albright

Don’t have tickets? Don’t worry, you still have a chance to catch the action! Tickets are available online or in person at Powerhouse Skates. Family packs and VIP upgrades are available, too!

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Get ready to get ready to rumble at our Summer Skate Clinics!

Are you ready to do more than just cheer on your team from the sidelines? Or maybe you’re already a rollergirl and looking to brush up on your skating skills? Either way, you are cordially invited to our Summer Skate Clinic series. Every weekend in the month of August, ARG trainers will be on deck to get you ready to skate like an Atlanta Rollergirl.

The first clinic is on August 8 (that’s this Saturday!) from 2-4pm, and it will focus on stride, endurance, falls, and stops. These are fundamental skills, so this is a great place to start if your skates have been accumulating dust in your closet. Perfect your plow stop, learn to fall safely, and get your crossovers looking like a jammer’s.

Photo: Chris Albright

Photo: Chris Albright

The second clinic is on Sunday, August 16th, from 12-2pm. It’s going to cover footwork, individual blocking and hitting, and agility. You’ll get lots of practice hitting skaters out without taking yourself out, too, as well as learning how to wring maximum mobility out of your skates.

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

The third clinic is on Saturday, August 22, from 10am-12pm. The focus will be on working as a pack and forming good, strong walls. If you’ve ever seen a Dirty South Derby Girls bout, you know that impenetrable walls are Atlanta’s specialty. Learn from the best!

Via Atlanta’s amazing packwork from their 2013 Championship game against Texas

The final clinic is on Sunday, August 30, from 10am-12pm. If you’re looking to try out for ARG’s fresh meat program, you’re in luck: we’ll be running through everything you need to know for tryouts, so you’ll be ready for the big day in September. This will be the culmination of all the good stuff you’ll have learned in the previous clinics.

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

The clinics are being held at the Atlanta Rollergirls practice facility and are open to all women who want to take their derby involvement to the next level. The clinics are $15 each, or $50 for all four. You can find more information, including how to register, on our Facebook event page. We’d love to see you there!

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Derby 101: Destroying the Pack

Are you new to derby or just looking to brush up on your rulebook skills? Wayne Mooney is your man! This week, he’ll explain what happens if one team tries to run away during a jam. 

You may have noticed that at any point in a game of roller derby, there are large parts of the track that aren’t being used. “Why,” you almost certainly haven’t asked yourself, “don’t the skaters spread out more? Then they’d have more space and wouldn’t keep accidentally running into each other all the time. Someone could get hurt!” I suppose I might answer by suggesting you watch a sport involving fewer collisions. Perhaps ice dancing. Or competitive kitten snuggling. (Go Raptors!) On the other hand, you may have read the question above and asked yourself “Yeah… Why don’t they spread out more? The jammer would have to go farther to get all her points.” That’s a much better question, and it deserves a real answer.

If the Demons stopped suddenly, or if the Sakes sprinted away, somebody would be going to the box. Photography: Chris Albright

If the Demons stopped suddenly, or if the Sakes sprinted away, somebody would be going to the box.
Photography: Chris Albright

The rules require that the blockers maintain a pack, and just like anything else in the rules, there are penalties for failing to obey. More often than not, this rule is broken when one team treats the other like they’re the gross kid on the playground who ate boogers and smelled like old ketchup. They either take off running and leave the other team behind, or they’ll stop suddenly and let the other team run on ahead without them. When this happens, the skater most responsible (ie, the kid who yells how gross the booger kid is and makes up a rhyming nickname) is given a penalty for destroying the pack, and everyone else has to drop what they’re doing and make a new pack. After all, the other team may smell, but they have feelings too, and the rules of derby demand that you play nice. Well, nice-ish. The rules do allow hip-checking, which I always got in trouble for as a kid.

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Let’s see some tattoos!

On the list of all-time classic pairings, rollergirls and tattoos has to be pretty close to the top. Derby fans may get glimpses of tattoos as their favorite rollergirls speed around the track, but they don’t always get to hear the stories behind them. We asked some of your Atlanta Rollergirls to show us their tattoos and tell us a little about what they mean to them.

Lez Dispenser (DSDG, Toxic Shocks):

This is my derby tattoo. It’s a bird (in Denim Demons colors) with a turbonegro hat and it has Hank eyes. I used to roll out with a fake bird on my shoulder at every Denim Demons bout. It stemmed from the “put-a-bird-on-it” joke. 4 years of rolling out with my bird before the skakeup. Now I’ll always have the bird with me and a reminder of my Demon days.

Nutella Ferrero (Rumble Bs, Denim Demons):

This is Ganesha, a Hindu deity. Remover of obstacles and provider of wisdom. It is also a cover up from a previous tattoo. I got my Ganesha on Mother’s Day 2003 in honor and memory of my mom who worked extremely hard to help me go to school and live some of the dreams she wasn’t able to do herself. She was a constant source of wisdom and a remover of obstacles.


Hale Damage (Jukes of Hazzard, Denim Demons):

It just so happens my first ever tattoo is in fact a derby tattoo. It’s on my left forearm, strategically placed so it can be seen in between my wrist guard and elbow pad. It’s the original Atlanta Derby Brats logo, since I started my derby career with them at their birth in 2010 and continued there for 5 years it felt right to get the logo to remind me where I came from after I turned 18 and aged out.


Rosie Derivator (Rumble Bs, Denim Demons):

#1: When most people think of a turning point in their lives, they think of rebirth and subsequently phoenixes. I thought “this is the point where I came back to life, so obviously I need a zombie, right?” Derby was the thing that brought me back to life during/after a horrible career and marriage. So I wanted my zombie pinup on my arm to remind me of that.


#2: When you spend most of your life being a nerd/bookworm, it never really occurs to you that eventually you will play a sport with a playoff-level team. Competing nationally with Jacksonville are some of my favorite memories of derby. We referred to our team spirit as “Sparkles Momentum” and she will always be a reminder of coming much further than I ever thought possible.


#3: This should have been my first derby tattoo, but timing made it my third. My derby wife (Robin Gunshows of the Marble Falls NightMares) and I met in Virginia in 2009, where we both began our derby journey. Life moved her to Texas and me to Florida. She came through Atlanta last year, heading back to VA for a class reunion, and we were finally able to get our derby wife tattoos. Six years (and many miles) into this crazy journey, and she’s still the best and most wonderful wifey a derby girl could ask for :)


Ida Backoff (Jukes of Hazzard, Denim Demons):

My arm is inspired by my grandmother Ida. It is a reflection of one of her most favorite activities, gardening. She lived in a home in Morris Park area of the Bronx, as urban as urban can be. But the backyard was an oasis. My fondest child hood memories are of playing in her flower garden. The flowers in my tattoo represent her most favorite (and now mine which I keep in my own garden), peony, gerba daisy and zinia. Although not a garden flower I also added her most favorite African violet. As with my derby name I get to carry my grandmother with me everywhere. I am reminded of the lessons she taught me and all of our memories. She is with me always.


Rage Appropriate (skating official):

I have this derby related tattoo that my crew got at the World Cup last year the night before we officiated the championship bout between Team USA and England!


Nora Gretz (Rumble Bs, Toxic Shocks):

I knew I wanted a pinup derby girl when I joined roller derby and after six seasons I thought it was time. She wears our ARG uniform and in a art nouveau style has all of the ARG teams surrounding her. From left to right… Demons, Stix, Sakes, Shocks, Bs, DSDG… And a red feather for the Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby team who I help coach.


Do you have any derby tattoos of your own? We’d love to see them in the comments!

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July Bout Recaps

Bout 1: Denim Demons vs. Sake Tuyas

The Sake Tuyas struck first with a 8-0 jam lead, compliments of Sake jammer the Boss. The Denim Demons fought back, and took the lead for a while, until the Sake defense held the Demons’ jammer long enough to take back a one-point lead. But the Demons began to pick up momentum and were able to capitalize on several Sake penalties. New Demons’ skaters, Hale Damage and Human Missile Crisis, made a fantastic first showing as jammers, and the Demons held control the rest of the first half. To the undefeated Sake Tuyas dismay, the first half ended 127-39 Demons lead.

The Sakes had a major comeback in the second half. The Demons’ jammers began to accrue penalties, and their blockers followed suit. The Sakes capitalized on the situation, and recent Sake transfer, Saikou, with the help of her offense, had several high scoring jams. The point spread was closed to a cozy 40 points, but it wasn’t enough to pull a lead change. The Demons took home their first win of the season against the Sakes 196-153.

Crisis gets a push from Cherri towards Siouxsie. Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

Crisis gets a push from Cherri towards Siouxsie.
Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

Bout 2: Red All-Stars vs. Blue All-Stars

The first ever Red vs. Blue bout, featuring dream teams made up of the Atlanta Rollergirls’ best skaters and captained by ARG all-stars Queen Loseyateefa and Wild Cherri, lived up its billing as one of the most exciting and competitive of the season. Filled with lead changes and major rallies on both sides that made every jam into a potential game-changer, the bout also featured a match-up between two distinctive derby strategies. Blue team relied heavily on the Atlanta Rumble B’s more mobile zone-style defense while Red team stuck with the Atlanta all-stars’ tighter, flatter defensive walls. The success of both strategies held points-per-jam to a minimum on both sides for the majority of the bout, and which team won lead jam and points was often determined by short packs or power jams. By the middle of the first half, however, Blue team had eked out a narrow lead that held steady around 20-25 points for the rest of the half.

Red team came back from halftime on fire, picking up 2 lead jams and taking advantage of short blue packs and a power jam, for a 28-0 scoring run. Another power jam for Red gave them the largest lead of the bout at 161-108. After a time out and regrouping, however, Blue rallied and began to make up some of the distance, outscoring Red 36-12 as the clock wound down to the final minutes. Then Red jammer High Jinxxx took a brutal hit and a bad fall that left her immobilized on the track. When it became clear that she needed medical attention and could not be moved, captains, coaches and referees agreed to call the game as only a couple of minutes remained on the clock. The final score was 178 Red – 152 Blue.

The big win for everyone was finding out later that night that Jinxxx was okay – look for her on the track at Atlanta Rollergirls’ home team bouts next month!

Baller vs. Trouble Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

Baller vs. Trouble
Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

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Red vs. Blue: whose side are you on?

Website Slider  (3)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you pitted Creative Loafing’s 2013 Best Local Athlete, Wild Cherri, and Creative Loafing’s 2014 Best Local Athlete, Queen Loseyateefa against each other? So did we. And so, on July 11 at 7:30pm, we give you the ARG All-Star Red vs. Blue Bout. Your favorite Dirty South Derby Girls and Rumble Bs are mashed-up to battle it out in this all-star smackdown. So who do you stand with? If you’re still on the fence, we’ve got words from Queen and Cherri to help you make up your mind.


Team Red, led by Queen Loseyateefa, features players like Madditude Adjustment, Desi Scarnaz, Rosie Derivator, and Trouble Makeher.  That’s a ton of power and finesse in a single package! We asked Queen about her feelings about taking on Team Blue this Saturday.

Are there any superstar players or special moves you’ll be counting on for victory?
Queen: Being a Voltron team means that everyone is an equal contributor. At any given moment on the track any of the 5 chosen to skate in the jam could amaze you with what they might do. I’m excited to see what Team Red will showcase on Saturday.

What’s it like for you to play against your DSDG and home team teammates? What’s at stake? Are there bragging rights involved?
Queen: I for one have mixed feelings about not having all my usual team mates. On the one hand, I’m honored to be included in the first ever Red vs Blue public bout because I think its going to be a true clash of derby titans. On the other hand I’m excited to play with some people that I’ve never been on a team with to see if we can make track magic together. As far as I’m concerned regardless of the outcome, this is a win for ARG and our fans because this bout will be epic.

Team Red Roster:
Choke Cherry
Desi Scarnaz
Genie in a Battle
High Jinxxx
Lez Dispenser
Madditude Adjustment
Nattie Long Legs
Evil Olive
Queen Loseyateefa
Rosie Derivator
Rudi Huxtabrawl
Sissy Splaysek
Slams McKenzie
Trouble Makeher


Team Blue, led by Wild Cherri, features players like Baller Shot Caller (who skates for Team USA alongside her captain), Rebel Yellow, Totalitiffian and Hate Ashbury. This is the only place in the Southeast where you’ll see two Team USA skaters skate together, and you won’t want to miss it! Cherri shared her thoughts about what to expect this weekend.

What special attributes does your team (team RED) have that will give you an advantage over Queen’s team (team BLUE)?
Cherri: This game is going to be amazing and not one you want to miss. My team is loaded with strong, strategic players who have been working hard for the final games of the IL season. You’re going to see some hard hits and great laughs.

What’s it like for you to play against your DSDG and home team teammates?
Cherri: For the last couple years Queen and I have shared a home team as well as our DSDG all-star team. I’m ready to go toestop to toestop with her on the track.

Team Blue Roster
Baller Shot Caller
The Boss
Alicia Brains
Wild Cherri
ICU Dead
Erykah Ba-Doozie
Afro Dykee
Hate Ashbury
Helga G. Pa-SMACK-i
Jean-Juke Picard
Axtual Malice
Maul E. Cule
Rebel Yellow
The Ruffian
Switchblade Siouxsie

Regardless of whose side you choose, one thing’s certain: this Saturday’s bout is sure to be some of the best, most competitive roller derby you can find in the Southeast. Don’t have tickets? Don’t worry, you still have a chance to catch the action! Tickets are available online or in person at Powerhouse Skates.

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Jukes and Jams Tournament 2015!

This past weekend, your Atlanta Jukes of Hazzard hosted derby teams from around the Southeast at a top secret location for our first ever Division 3 invitational tournament, Jukes and Jams. The five invited teams– the Muscogee Roller Girls, the Marietta Derby Darlins, the Spartanburg Deadly Dolls, the Tragic City Rollers, and the Jukes– played as many bouts as we could cram into a two-day period. Congratulations to the Jukes, who won all their bouts, and thanks to all the teams that made it out!


Photography: Blaine Cone / The Derby Retina

Here are the final scores from Jukes and Jams 2015:

Day 1:

Muscogee Roller Girls 161 vs Marietta Derby Darlins 201
Tragic City Rollers 105 vs Muscogee Roller Girls 185
Atlanta Rollergirls Jukes of Hazzard 153 vs Marietta Derby Darlins 147

Day 2:

Atlanta Rollergirls Jukes of Hazzard 198 vs Tragic City Rollers 103
Spartanburg Deadly Dolls 98 vs Muscogee Roller Girls 418
Marietta Derby Darlins 235 vs the Tragic City Rollers 159

Photography: Blaine Cone / The Derby Retina

Photography: Blaine Cone / The Derby Retina

Double extra bonus points for the Tragic City Rollers, who were low on numbers throughout the weekend but still managed to play with more heart and fight than anybody else. We had a blast hosting this year’s Jukes and Jams, and we hope to see y’all at the next one!

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Meet the newest members of the ARG family!

At Tuesday night’s Debutante Brawl, we welcomed the midseason transfers and rookies of the Atlanta Rollergirls, we announced the newest members of our most competitive travel teams, the Rumble B’s and the Dirty South Derby Girls, and then we danced and drank and had a blast. Even if you missed out on the fun, you can still welcome the newest additions to your favorite teams! Our suggestion is to read these names out loud in a booming voice and then start dancing in your chair for a DIY mini-Deb Brawl.


Bam Grier 54
Remy Nah 936
Snarls Darwin 66

Denim Demons

Hale Damage 46
Human Missile Crisis 1962

Toxic Shocks

Minnie VanDryver 74
ProtoKILL Droid 30

Sake Tuyas

Saikou 564

Rumble Bs

Evil Olive 808
Luxfurious 718
High Jinxxx 312


Maul E. Cule 602

…and if you’re at work and you’re too shy to dance in your chair, just mentally superimpose you and your friends’ heads onto Bey and her backup dancers.

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