March 22, Bout 2

The Atlanta-Nashville rivalry heated up in a bout characterized by teeth shattering hits, with Atlanta’s Rumble B’s taking home the win. From the first second of the game, Nashville brought the pain, and the first jam brought a tie score. An early power jam for Rumble B Genie in a Battle put the B’s ahead by over 20 points, and they took it and ran with it. The first half saw a lot of 2-minute jams, which gave B’s jammers The Boss and Nora Gretz the opportunity to rack up the points. Nashville jammer Big Banger saw red and powered her way through tight walls and powerhouse blocking by Tica Boom and Desi Scarnez, but the score at the half was 122-53. The second half was a fight until the end, with hard hitting by Nashville blockers Cole Hearted and Incredible Hull, but the fancy feet on the Atlanta squad was too much for our neighbors to the north, and the Rumble B’s took the win.

Nashville Blocker MVP: Cole Hearted
Jammer: Electric Boogaloo

Rumble B Blocker MVP: Tica Boom
Jammer: The Boss


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March 22, Bout 1

The Sake Tuyas and Denim Demons both came fighting on the whistle, but Demon jammers, led by ChokeCherry and Nora Gretz, put the Demons ahead and the Sakes were never able to recover. Dynamite offensive play by Switchblade Siouxsie divided the Sake walls, and Sake jammers were consistently stymied by blockers Queen Loseyateefa and Ozzie Kamakazie. Early in the first half a Demon power jam by Afro Dykee with only 3 Sakes on the track put over 20 points on the board, and their momentum took off from there. The Sakes were no slouches, however, taking advantage of power jams late in the half. The score was 100-20 for the Demons at the half.

The Sakes came back from halftime a new team- they were energized, their walls were dense, and their jammers were swift. Jam by jam, they attempted to chip away at the Demon lead, and were able to gain momentum with jamming by Hella Blitzgerald and Wheelin’ Jennings, and knockout blocking by ICU Dead and Woah Nelly. Unfortunately for the Sakes, the early Demon lead proved insurmountable and the Demons took the win.

Demons MVP Jammer: Afro Dykee
Blocker: Ozzie Kamakazi

Sakes MVP Jammer: Hollicidal
Blocker: Woah Nellie


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Once a Rollergirl, Always a Rollergirl: L.O.R.D. Blackie

The Atlanta Rollergirls turn ten this year. I swear it was only last week that I was “practicing” in blue jeans and rental skates, without safety equipment. Where did the time go?

Flashback to 2004, I am living in Dallas, TX. Kasey Bomber (Jennifer Barbee), a friend and Los Angeles Derby Doll (a banked track league), introduced me to the world of modern roller derby. I joined her on a road trip to Austin for a house party with TXRD. I knew then I needed to be a part of this community.

Las Vegas 2006 All Star bout photo

Me on the pivot line (REMEMBER PIVOT LINE STARTS?!) with Trish the Dish (then Sin City Rollergirls, now SoCal Derby) in Las Vegas at Rollercon 2006.

All it took was an (electronic) introduction to Tanya Hyde (Angela Ward) and a 780 mile cross-country move to start my ARG career. I arrived in Atlanta on a Saturday morning and attended my first ARG practice Sunday afternoon. I could count the number of skaters at that practice on one hand. Those girls, referred to as OGs (Original Gangstas), were instrumental in forming the Atlanta Rollergirls. (more…)

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Most Valuable Volunteer: Morgue N. Donor

Morgue N Donor_Tim Moxley

Photo: Tim Moxley

There are some people out there who live and breathe roller derby, and Morgue N. Donor is a very special one of those people. She’s a certified Level 2 Non-Skating Official (NSO) for the WFTDA, which means she’s fully equipped to perform NSO duties like scorekeeping, penalty tracking, and jam timing during sanctioned WFTDA games. She started officiating roller derby in the fall of 2010 after attending a fresh meat round up in Akron, Ohio, to skate for NEO Roller Derby. Never able to get enough derby, she volunteered as an NSO for home and away bouts for NEO, and started to get involved with other leagues in the areas, as well.

She was an Audio Assault (B-Team) skater for NEO Roller Derby and also held the position of head NSO for much of the 2011 and 2012 seasons. She was on the Board of Directors for NEO Roller Derby as their head of Human Resources and Safety Director. In addition, she was Head NSO for Little Steel Derby Girls of Youngstown, Ohio, and Eerie Roller Girls of Erie, Pennsylvania, during that same time period. Atlanta got really lucky in 2012 when she moved here. She joined the Atlanta Rec League, and has been volunteering as an NSO ever since, officiating home and away bouts.

WAIT. THERE’S MORE!  (more…)

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“She Can Do Anything”: Atlanta Derby Brats’ Parents


Atlanta Derby Brats’ 2014 Level 2 Skaters

The Atlanta Derby Brats are the future of the Atlanta Rollergirls. From the youngest beginners to the seasoned veterans on the travel team, these girls have focus, drive, and proud parents! Some of the Brats’ parents are rollergirls, but many have discovered more about roller derby through their determined daughters. On the cusp of the Brats’ first bout of the season this Saturday, we asked some of their parents about how roller derby has changed their daughters’ lives for the better. (more…)

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“The Unexpected Effects of Derby”: Elle Beaux

I’ve been around for a while. I’m an OG (Original Gangsta.) I joined the Atlanta Rollergirls in early 2005, back when we were a bunch of women teaching each other how to stand up and roll forward on skates. I’ve seen a lot of changes to derby, to ARG, and to individual skaters in the past decade. By now, if you’re reading this blog, you probably already know the narrative of roller derby- the game evolved from spectacle to serious athleticism, there used to be fishnets and a penalty wheel, staged fights, and dance offs. Throughout all those changes, rollergirls learned the value of perseverance, teamwork, and pushing their limits. It’s a beautiful story, and one that gets told quite often.

What you may not know is what a skater learns off the track. Our league is a business, and each skater plays a part in running that business. Over the past ten years, I’ve been an ombudsperson, a recruiter, on the rules committee (back when we had to write the rules of the game ourselves), a trainer, and a marketer. The life/employment skills I learned from those positions set me up to get out of the cycle I was in and reach higher. I got my first “big girl job” as a result of the skills I learned and connections I made through derby. (more…)

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“One Team, One Wall”: Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby

Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby was founded in the fall of 2012 and has grown into a competitive team with our first home bout this Saturday March 15 at the Cobb Civic Center.

I’m Sharc, #34 with the Atlanta ResurGents. I’m lucky to have been a part of roller derby the very first time men’s derby exhibitioned in Atlanta, during the intermission of the 2007 ARG Championship Bouts. Unlike the bulk of our roster, I had no specific ties to derby before I tried it. I was just a fan who answered the call for interested men to be a part of the exhibition.  I spent most of my formative years on quads. I thought it would be easy! I was wrong! (more…)

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Your Mom is an Atlanta Rollergirl

In addition to being superheroes on the track, some of our rollergirls are supermoms! Our kids have grown up with roller derby as part of their lives. They often get a backstage pass to practices and bouts. Many of our daughters even play for The Atlanta Derby Brats. With this inside knowledge, our kids have a lot to say about roller derby and their amazing moms. 

Alicia Brains and Helena

Alicia Brains and Helena
Photo Credit: Tim Moxley

Helena, age 4, Daughter of Alicia Brains (Apocalypstix)

What does it mean to be a rollergirl? To be true. And to not hit on purpose.

What are the rules of roller derby? I don’t know.

What’s your favorite thing about your mom playing roller derby? Watching her.

What’s your least favorite thing about your mom playing roller derby? When you hit and when you fall.

What do you do to encourage your mom during bouts? I raise my hands and I cheer.


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“Do Bold Things”: ARG Founder Tanya Hyde

Without league founder Tanya Hyde’s vision and hard work ten years ago, the Atlanta Rollergirls might never have come into existence. We shudder to think it! In the coming months, we’ll be talking to the founding members of ARG about how the league and roller derby have grown and changed over the last decade. Who better to get this jam started than Tanya Hyde herself? 

Sports…I played one season of basketball in junior high and, well, I just wasn’t that good. I felt that if I wasn’t the best, it wasn’t worth doing. And with Mary Alice and Becky on the team, the perpetual all-stars, I was never going to be the best. I wasn’t the “athletic type” they were—you know, lean, fast, agile. I was the mediocre guard at best that played a couple of times a game. And I was short, so, you know, baskets were out of the picture for me. I went back to my piano and ballet classes—I just wasn’t built for sports.

But, then I discovered roller derby and that firmly held belief of mine started to change. I had a friend in Austin who was involved with the Texas Rollergirls. I watched as she trained, chose her “derby name,” and posted her adventures to her blog. I loved looking at the rollergirls’ Website and I saw so many not-your-typical-athletic-ladies participating. These women looked like me! I was ready to give team sports another shot. However, I soon discovered there was no roller derby league in Atlanta. “Well,” I thought, “I’ll just have to make one!” (more…)

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Feb 15, Bout 2

In a bout characterized by huge hits and extremely fast packs, the Denim Demons brought the pain to the Toxic Shocks, but the Shocks’ deep jammer bench proved beneficial in bringing home the win. Kicking things off, perennial favorite blocker Queen Loseyateefa took the jammer star and hit her way into lead jammer over Jammunition, putting the first 2 points on the board for the Demons. Not to be outdone, Jammunition came back strong, and along with Nutella Ferrero and Trouble MakeHer, the Shocks took the lead. In this tight game, the Shocks’ Rebel Yellow consistently hit the Demon jammers out, and then recycled them to the back of the pack with almost military precision. The score was 61-50 with the Shocks in the lead at the half. The Demons were determined to capitalize on Ozzie Kamakazi and Switchblade Siouxsie’s power—both laying devastating hits on the Shocks’ jammers. However, the Shocks’ ability to send in fresh jamming legs time and again gave them the advantage and the win.

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