Get Ready to Yell! ARG Championships are Here!

ARG_AUG30_2014_sliderOur last home bouts of the season are here! This is the last time this year that you can witness the heart-pounding action of our ARG home teams. You know you don’t want to wait ’til next year! Come straight from Dragon Con in your gold Princess Leia bikini, pick a side, and get ready to yell!

The Sake Tuyas take on the Apocalypstix for the 2014 Grudge Match. Both teams fought hard during playoffs in bouts that could have gone either way. They’re bringing even more excitement to the Grudge Match- they’ve got something to prove! The Denim Demons take on the undefeated Toxic Shocks in the Championship bout that will have you at the edge of your seat and cheering! Playoffs were tough for these teams but they came out on top for a reason- they’re ready for anything. Who will take home the trophy?


Photo: Neil Bainton

The Apocalypstix took on the Toxic Shocks at playoffs and had a roller coaster of a ride– closing the Shocks’ lead to just three points late in the game, they just missed their shot at the Championship bout. But they’re back and ready to show the Sake Tuyas what’s what. The Sakes fought tooth and nail against the Demons in playoffs in a bout that went back and forth. Now the Stix and Sakes face each other for the first time since the beginning of the season. The Stix have grown this season- the addition of utility player Slams McKenzie mixed with jammer The Boss and all-star blocker Madditude Adjustment could spell disaster for the Sakes. But the ladies in red have a very special talent– teamwork. With captain Amelia Scareheart‘s leadership, the Merchant of Menace‘s heart and knockout blocking by Woah Nellie, this game is going to get crazy.

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

Well, well, well. These two teams meet again. In what seems to be a replay of the 2013 Championship, the Demons and Shocks face off. The road through playoffs was bumpy- both teams fought hard to get here. Led by blocker Queen Loseyateefa, the Demons are ready to take home this trophy. With jamming by Afro Dykee and Choke Cherry, they have a pretty good chance. But if we’ve learned anything about the Toxic Shocks, it’s to never underestimate them. They have some of the best jammers in the business- Jammunition and Jean-Juke Picard are living up to their names, and captain Nattie Longlegs is ready for anything. This is one for the books!

Still don’t have your tickets? Grab them while they last either online or in person at Powerhouse Skates. We can’t wait to see you there!
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Give Self-Doubt the Bird: Nutella Ferrero


Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

This season has been my best yet. We have fought some hard teams and I have had some games that I was proud of. Dang proud. I was finally playing at the level that I had hoped was attainable for me. In May, I assessed and made the cut for the Rumble Bs, our B-team. It finally felt like, here in my 3rd season with ARG, all the derby stars were aligning for me. Then June rolled in and I started having extreme hip tightness a couple of days before a bout. By bout day it became almost paralyzing and the worries about performance to make my team proud also washed over me. (more…)

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Super Fans!


Sometimes we even get some pretty rad gifts! Check out this tribute to the lovely ChokeCherry from her #1 fan.

All ARG fans are the best! Without them we couldn’t do what we love to do, and we never forget it. Our Super Fans take their support up a notch. Make that several notches! On an Apocalypstix bout day, you can be sure to find a group of guys dressed in pink and black screaming their support from Turn 4. If you’ve been to a Sake Tuyas bout, you can’t miss their biggest fan running, jumping, and occasionally riding a tricycle around in a spandex suit. We thought we’d ask these amazing fans what it takes to call yourself a true Super Fan. And if you’re inspired by their stories, read on to find out how you can become a Super Fan yourself. (more…)

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August 9, Bout 1

What a great opening to the Atlanta Rollergirls’ playoffs! Tensions were high as the number two team, The Denim Demons, and the number three team, The Sake Tuyas, went head-to-head for a chance to play in the championship bout. The Sakes were first to put points on the board after a 0-0 first jam. The Sakes held the Demons for a good three jams, inching forward in score by two or three points each, until the Demons announced their presence with a single game-tying power jam by the slick and hard to trap, Nora Gretz. The Sakes and Demons fought back and forth, with hard hits and strategic star passes ending the first half with a close 72-57 Sake lead.

The second half was just as impressive as the two home teams battled for the chance to taste the sweet victory of championship. The Sakes’ Merchant of Menace scored more than a few natural grand-slams over the Demons, but the Demons fought back with vengeance, and their dominating defense eventually gained control. The Demons took a strong hold of the lead in the last quarter, ending the game with an official final score of Demons – 221, Sakes – 171.

Demon MVPs

Jammer MVP – Nora Gretz

Blocker MVP – Queen Loseyateefa

Sake MVPs

Jammer MVP – Merchant of Menace

Blocker MVP – Amelia Scareheart


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August 9, Bout 2

Game two of the playoffs was an epic battle of last year’s champions and undefeated league juggernaut, the Toxic Shocks, against underdog and crowd favorite, The Apocalypstix. The Shocks hit hard in the first half, taking advantage of Stix jammer penalties, and put up a towering score of 145 to 69 by the end of the first half. 

The Stix were not to be taken so easily though, and with multiple grand-slams by The Boss, The Ruffian, and newcomer, Slams McKenzie, the Stix lit a fire to the Shocks’ tails. Although they never quite took the lead, the Stix kept it close, trailing by less than 10 points for most of the second half. Tensions were high until the last jam, as only one strong power play separated the Stix from the lead, but the Toxic Shocks’ killer defense crushed the underdogs’ hopes at the Championships, ending the game with an official final score of Shocks – 227, Stix – 194.

Shocks MVPs

Jammer MVP – Nutella Ferrero

Blocker MVP – Nattie LongLegs

Stix MVPs

Jammer MVP – Slams McKenzie

Blocker MVP – Totalitiffian


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It’s Playoff Time!

ARG_AUG9_2014_slider The playoffs are finally here! We’re so ready. Are you as ready as we are? Grab those tickets, your friends, and a cooler and join us for the action!

The Denim Demons meet the Sake Tuyas in the first playoff game of our 2014 season! The last time these two teams met, the Demons came away with a commanding lead, but the Sakes have ninja powers up their sleeves. Who will go on to the Championship game on August 30? In the second game, The Toxic Shocks take on the Apocalypstix. The Shocks are undefeated this season, but the Apocalypstix have new blood and a new attitude- they’re in it to win it! (more…)

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Derby 101: Jammer Penalty Swap


Photo: Paducah August Photography

Are you new to derby or just looking to brush up on your rulebook skills? Wayne Mooney is your man!  This week he takes on the elusive Jammer Penalty Swap…

There’s a widely recognized phenomenon where a jammer in the penalty box leaves just as the other jammer arrives. The reason for this is simple: jammers, by their very nature are flighty, energetic creatures. They are social butterflies, albeit ones who prefer hip-checks to more traditional forms of pleasantry. Trapped in the penalty box, a jammer finds herself unable to flit, dart, or whiz. She finds that zipping anywhere is incredible difficult, and that dashing is right out. Deprived of her usual methods of amusing herself, she is left with nothing to do but contemplate reality, and quickly finds herself contemplating the nature of reality. “How,” she wonders aloud, “can I be certain anything exists at all? How can I know that I’m not imagining all of this?” (more…)

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Meet Our Newest Teammates!

Deb brawl_webWe have brand-spanking-new teammates, and we’re ready to show them to the world! You may have already glimpsed these ladies from afar if you’ve been to any of our home bouts recently. (They’ve been racking up MVPs all over the place!) But wouldn’t it be great to meet them in person? You can! Come out to our Deb Brawl next Tuesday night at Argosy and schmooze not only with our newest players, but also with the rest of your Atlanta Rollergirls! And just so you know for whom to buy a celebratory drink, here are some brief introductions.   (more…)

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July 12, Bout 2

Fans stayed on their feet for this hometown showdown. With the taste of last season’s powerful win still on their tongues, the Demon’s came wanting more, but the Stix put up a venemous fight, proving they were not so easy to take down. Lead changes were regular, and every push the Demons gave, the Stix answered back, keeping the score to a close 112 – Demons, 103 – Stix at the half.

The second half was just as exciting as the first, and it was obvious both of these hometeams came to win. There were lead changes and star passes, big hits and fancy feet. Defense on both sides was fierce. Each jammer had to fight, push and juke their way through rock hard walls, only to be faced with blockers recycling them back into the pack almost every turn. In the last minutes, the Stix were up, and victory was in their grasps, until All Star blocker Queen Loseyateefa did was she does best, and drew a cut track penalty on the Stix’s jammer. Even though the Stix fought to the bitter end, with The Boss sneaking their last four points in at the final whistle, jammer penalties were the Stix’s downfall, and the Demons came through for the win with an official final score of Demons – 224, Stix – 184.

Demon MVPs
Jammer MVP – Afro Dykee
Blocker MVP – Lez Dispenser

Stix MVPs
Jammer MVP – Slams McKenzie
Blocker MVP – Rudy Huxtabrawl


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July 12, Bout 1

Dirty South Derby Girls vs. Naptown Roller Girls

Final Score: Dirty South 221 — Naptown 72

The Dirty South Derby Girls showed their unstoppable steam engine like quality again June 12 against the Naptown Roller Girls. It was 0 – 0 after the first jam, and Naptown struck first in the second with a two point nudge, but after a jammer penalty in the third, Dirty South’s Bruze Orman took hold of the lead with a 20 point jam. Bruze’s strong jam proved to be the steam Dirty South needed for take off, and after a tenacious fight from Naptown, the first half ended 126 – Dirty South, 38 – Naptown.

The Dirty South kept gathering momentum in the second half with unbreakable walls and jammers pushing full steam ahead. Jammunition, or Grand Slam Jam as the fans call her, proved her name once again the second half with several grand slams, and Jean Juke Piccard put those facy feet to good use, juking around Naptown’s hard hitters like Asian Sinsation and Mutant Jean. Naptown’s Maiden America and G-Rocket answered back, putting points on the board, but Dirty South’s renouned defense held strong, smooth and together, for an official final score of Dirty South – 221, Naptown – 72.

Dirty South MVPs
Jammer MVP – Jammunition
Blocker MVP – Ozzie Kamikaze

Naptown MVPs
Jammer MVP – Maiden America
Blocker MVP – Asian Sinsation


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