Sponsor Highlight- Tryst Hair Salon


Welcome to the May installment of our Sponsor Highlight; this week we’re focusing on a sponsor who reminds us that just because we spend many hours a week shoving our heads into sweaty helmets, doesn’t mean we can’t have fabulous hair for the remaining time!  Meet Laura Stalemark, ARG Sponsor and owner of TRYST Salon, better known to us as Minnie VanDryver of the Toxic Shocks!

“My name is Laura Stalemark and I am the owner of TRYST Hair Salon & Boutique where I am also a stylist.  I found out about ARG about 6 years ago when I was looking for something new and exciting to do with friends in Atlanta. I am now  a Rollergirl with ARG (Minnie VanDryver #74 with the Toxic Shocks) .

Photo by Tmox (c) 2016

I originally thought I wanted to be “Ivana Cutcha” since I cut hair.  When I thought more about it, “cutting” (especially the track in derby) is NOT a good thing.  Minnie VanDryver works great for me because no one EVER suspects the Minnie Van!

My signature move that I am currently perfecting is called the ‘carpool lane’.  It is very top secret right now…..I can however say it involves hitting someone’s blind spot…… Fans should know that supporting local businesses and sports teams is very important to me.  It allows individuals to continue to do what they love!”


Minnie and fellow Toxic Shocks skater Axtual Malice holding back Demons’ jammer Chokecherry.  Photo by Tom Spalding.


Hopefully you can catch Minnie flaunting her fabulous hair (and her wonderful Super Fun Prize promotion!) at this month’s home bout, but if not, be sure to watch as the Toxic Shocks take on the Sake Tuyas on June 18th and see not only Minnie, but the rest of the amazing sponsor advertisements as well!

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Brains and Brawn Part III

Atlanta Rollergirls are so smart and so strong that there was no way we could introduce them all in only one or even two articles!  Read on to see who’s brains are as stacked as their muscles.

LuxFurious (Pictured MVP Blocker Second from Right)


I am an Associate Adjudicator for Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency. I review claims for disability in accordance with Social Security Administration (SSA) requirements. This includes requesting and analyzing medical, vocational, and school-related documents.

My favorite workout is spinning.

Axtual Malice


I’m an attorney, but I work in a fairly niche area, and I’m not your typical lawyer.  Specifically, I practice education law with a sub-specialty in charter school law.  Instead of a courtroom, you’re far more likely to find me in a classroom!  I got into education law from my work with the Public Defender’s office while in law school.  I would frequently encounter clients that could not read and struggled to write their own names.  I couldn’t fathom how the education system had failed these people so badly, but I believe that all children have a right to a quality education, regardless of their neighborhood or socioeconomic status.  So, not to be cliche, I spend my days trying to make a difference.  I’m the Associate General Counsel and Petitions Manager for the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC).  We are one of two state-level charter school authorizers in the state, essentially meaning we approve (and sometimes deny) schools to operate.  Prior to joining the SCSC staff, I served as Attorney and Program Manager for the Georgia Department of Education Charter Schools Division where I provided legal and program support to the Department and State Board of Education (the other state-level authorizer) for more than four years.  I love my job because I get to do a little something different each day and the agency I work for is fairly new (we’ve only been around about 3 years) so it’s always exciting. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a job that I’m truly passionate about! And my colleagues are super supportive of roller derby!

My favorite workout is one where I don’t get bored, which happens frequently.  I love playing soccer!

Walt Hitman


I teach high school language arts, but like all teachers, I wear many, many hats.  Recently, I earned my specialist degree in Instructional Technology, and I use that training to help my fellow teachers blend technology with the curriculum to promote student engagement and achievement.  In this endeavor, I have led professional development sessions at the school and county level.

To keep myself derby-fit, I workout at CrossFit Oconee.

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Brains and Brawn Part II

Now introducing our second round of Brains and Brawn!  The ladies of ARG are just so smart that we can’t fill the blog with all of them at once!  Without further ado, we introduce to you more skaters that use all their muscles.  Especially that big one between their ears!


Hurtie Gertie


The Merchant of Menace, Amelia Scareheart, Cobra Camanda, and I are medical editors for a medical communications company that specializes in oncology/hematology. Menace, Cobra, and I are Board Certified Editors in the Life Sciences and Amelia is sitting for the certification exam this year. Menace, Amelia, and I work for the medical education branch of the company…our programs educate community oncologists and hematologists all over the world on the new and upcoming treatments and treatment strategies for all types of cancer (both solid tumors and hematologic malignancies). Cobra works for the promotional side of our company, the side that helps inform the public on the new treatments and treatment strategies, as well as preparing the thought leaders in the field on how to accurately communicate the information about said treatments and treatment strategies. We are tasked with content editing, copy editing, and fact checking of medical communication/data presented in various media, such as PowerPoint slide presentations for our symposia and advisory boards held at major medical conferences, manuscripts that are submitted to peer-reviewed medical journal, medical monographs, and conference coverage newsletters. Additionally, Menace, Amelia, and I are tasked with helping Tanya Hyde, our Senior Web Developer, manage the content on our online education website. In the first three quarters of 2015, the live meeting projects that Amelia, Menace, and I worked on impacted a potential 289,089 patients (and this does not include all the online education we worked on, as well).

We do daily in-office work outs, which include planks, wall sits, sit ups, lunges, push ups, tricep dips, and various other core and leg strengthening exercises, topped off with attempts to do the worm at the end of the workout.

The Boss


I work in digital advertising sales- I started in sales after graduate school about 8 years ago ( I have my Masters in Communication & Rhetoric, but I did not need it for my job  ). My official title is Southeast Sales Director which means I am responsible for growing revenue and business development for the Southeast. I work in native advertising technology and my day-to-day life consists of working with major brands and their ad agencies to help develop strategic native advertising campaigns. I travel around the Southeast to brand headquarters and work with their ad agencies. A few of my clients are Lowes, Coca-Cola, Delta, Universal Orlando, Disney, Nissan, Mercedes, & At&T. Native advertising includes content that is sponsored or developed by a brand. Content can be in the form of quizzes, lists, long-form articles, infographics or videos.

Jean-Juke Picard


I’m a developer with a marketing technology company – my focus is on back-end development (wizards behind the curtain) with Sitecore for a variety of corporate sites with a lot of data interaction.  I bring that forward and manipulate it for the visitors.  I have a degree in CS (and Psychology).  I’ve been working in the field since 2003 (LAMP to .Net currently), and I’m the only female developer at my company.

Favourite workout – SKATING. Or weightlifting/plyo/footwork things.

Ida Backoff


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor working as a Clinical Manager at the Administrative Services Organization for the State of Georgia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. The teams I lead ensure that individuals throughout the state of Georgia gain access to necessary behavioral health services. My role includes supervision of a large team, data analysis and reporting, and interfacing with community providers and state leaders. I easily work 50 hours a week in addition to derby and competitive powerlifting.

My favorite workouts involve “moving heavy s*#!”. I train with Team Rohr ( two nights per week, garage train two nights and one weekend day and run roughly three miles 3 days per week on my lunch break through the streets of Downtown Atlanta.

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Brains AND Brawn

Everyone knows the Atlanta Rollergirls are tough. There’s no doubt about that.  Now we will prove to you that not only are they tough, but they have the smarts to match!  In this first part series of “Brains and Brawn” we will introduce to you some of our very own ARG members that have what it takes to rock it in their professions as hardcore as they do on the track!  And, when they aren’t exercising their brains, they’re exercising their bodies, so they will also tell us what they do to stay derby strong.


Rosie Derivator



I’m a technical writer, so I write documentation and training for (primarily coal based) power plant systems.  My current project base has been flue gas (boiler outlet “smoke”) clean up, specifically the injection of activated carbon, hydrated lime and calcium bromide for the removal of gaseous mercury and acid gases before release into atmosphere.  I like to joke that I’m the translator between engineering garble and operator useful knowledge.  We train on major equipment information, operations and start up/shut down procedures.  Really, I spend alot of time sifting through a million procedures, typing behind a computer and stomping around plant sites. My favorite workouts are cardio-based and self-paced.  I love a leisurely 5K or an on skates lap and fall/stop drill.  I’ve somewhat recently started training with Tuff Love Coaching and am gaining a new appreciation for picking up heavy things, but I think it’ll be a while before I stop hating that enough for it to be a favorite




I am a scientist in applied technology for a perfumery.  Approximately, 50% of my job is helping our fragrance oil be formulated into customer bases, such as shower gels, hand soaps, lotions, candles, household cleaners, air fresheners and more. The other half consists of evaluating the market by nose and data analysis and recommending fragrances to customers based on trend analysis, market and application. My favorite workouts include anything that makes me forget I am working out such as mountain biking, hockey, and dancing.


Snarls Darwin


Originally from South Dakota, I obtained my degree in Environmental Physical Science with an emphasis in Geology, which is my most passionate subject. I’ve worked for natural resource management such as timber and hydrologic/soil studies with the National Forest Service. Next, I was pushed to pursue an occupation in the oilfield of North Dakota. I lived on the rig site where I performed work as a Field Geologist logging well data for new production wells. Oilfield work is a very male dominated field and I was always the only female on site. It was very interesting and I consider this to be one of my biggest accomplishments. After rig work, I entered the state government as a field inspector to enforce oil company compliance with state regulation. Next, I decided to take a giant leap into sustainable energy and worked for a company that researches how to convert waste biomass, such as sugar cane bagasse and corn stalks, into sugars to then be fermented into fuels like ethanol. I worked primarily in fermentation and performed most of my duties within a chemical laboratory. I decided to try looking into data technology and software. I will soon commence training in management for a company developing applications and artificial intelligence software. Additionally, I’ve considered continuing my education in the field of Computer Science.
My favorite workouts are also things that make me feel like I’m not working out. I enjoy Cycling, hiking, and swimming. If I had to choose my favorite typical workout it would be kettlebell strength training.


High Jinxx


I will be going to physical therapy school and will be Dr. Jinxxx in three years. I hope to work in a pediatric hospital and teach kids how to be kids again! My favorite workouts are cycling, lifting weights, and lifting a pizza slice to my mouth.

Quadratic Abrasion


HALLO! I love math, so technically speaking, that’s who I am. I have my PhD in theoretical mathematics. My dissertation was in computational real algebraic geometry, and I can describe my research to anyone who wants hear it… which is 0 people so far. I was a professor of mathematics at KSU for 4 years, and taught and did research in abstract algebra, graph theory, and voting theory. Now I work for a speech analytics software company as a tester, and am hoping to get into research or data science in the near future.

I love being outside, so really my favorite workout is hiking and mountaineering/climbing. Indoors, I love any cross-training type of workout that varies, and extol the virtues of all the time. Check out their 30 day challenges!

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Bout Recap- March 19

The Atlanta Travel Team season is in full swing as of last weekend, with the B team and All-stars both logging game number one in the books.  If you missed these games, you missed well timed hits, mind-boggling maneuvers and phenomenal team work.  If you were there and just want to relive the awesome few hours of last weekend, we’re here for you too!  Read on for the recap of the Rumble Bs taking on Team Tennessee and the Dirty South Derby Girls playing their rematch game against Jacksonville’s New Jax City Rollers.


The Rumble Bs took the track against the all-stars of Team Tennessee to start an amazing night of roller derby in Atlanta.  Tennessee drew first blood, running up an 18-4 lead before the Bs could take back control.  Switching team jammer penalties brought us to a tied game and it wasn’t until only 16 minutes remained in the first half that the Rumble Bs were able to take their first lead change.  The next few minutes proved to be intense as ties and lead changes dotted the second quarter.  A phenomenal last minute jam from High Jinxxx started to separate the two teams and the Bs left for halftime ahead, 107-59.
The two teams continued to battle it out for the first few minutes of the second half, before penalties and apex jumps started to turn the tide and close the gap for Team Tennessee.  There were several lead changes until the final four minutes when Atlanta finally pulled ahead, from being four points behind to five points in the lead. Atlanta continued to gain lead jammer and put points on the board for the final breathtaking minutes of the game, finishing at 210-168 Atlanta.

Final Score: Atlanta Rumble Bs 210- Team Tennessee 168
Atlanta Rumble Bs MVP Jammer-Human Missile Crisis
Atlanta Rumble Bs MVP Blocker- Sissy Splaysek
Team Tennessee MVP Jammer- Poptart
Team Tennessee MVP Blocker- Evilucia



The second game of the ARG March Double Header was full of hard hits and swift scoring runs. Jacksonville put the first points on the board and were able to maintain their lead with a steady consistency. A few Atlanta jammer penalties allowed Jacksonville’s fast moving and decisive offense to develop a comfortable lead against Atlanta’s defensive formations. Atlanta fought back with ferocity, gaining three and four points at a time, but were unable to gain the substantial scoring runs they needed to close the gap. Atlanta’s defense held Jacksonville’s jammer for a large point run for Atlanta near the end of the first half, but the half still ended at 42-119 Jacksonville.

The second half seemed to follow suit, Atlanta put up a tough game both defensively and offensively, but ultimately were unable to gain sufficient momentum, which limited their ability to play catch-up against the quick 4 and 5 points Jacksonville were putting on the board at a time. Jacksonville remained in control of the game, which ended 213-91 Jacksonville.

Final Score: Jacksonville’s New Jax City Rollers 213- Atlanta’s Dirty South Derby Girls 91
Atlanta’s Dirty South Derby Girls MVP Jammer- Trouble MakeHer
Atlanta’s Dirty South Derby Girls MVP Blocker- Wild Cherri
Jacksonville’s New Jax City Rollers MVP Jammer- Erin Jackson
Jacksonville’s New Jax City Rollers MVP Blocker- Noam Bombsky

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Sponsor Highlight- Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand

March’s Sponsor Highlight brings us to a cluckin’ good late night food destination, Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand.  Grab yourself a delicious Slinger (may I suggest the veggie Philly?) and get better acquainted with our favorite hot chix!

1) Who are you?

Delia Champion

Head chick at Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand


2) Tell us a little about yourself!

At Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand, owner Delia Champion has perfected her sausage recipe over the last 15 years.  The organic, hormone-free, preservative-free chicken sausage provides a more flavorful, healthier alternative to fast food.  All dishes are prepared with care… from scratch… and presented in a fun and memorable manner- 100% Goodness is guaranteed with each bite!


3) How did you find out about ARG?

Went to a bout with a friend and fell in love


4) If you had a derby name and/or a signature move, what would it be?

Name: The Grinder

Move: lube the tube


5) What should fans know about you for the 2016 season?

We are open 24 hours on the weekends to serve your late night chicken sausage needs


We love our sponsors!  Be sure to get tickets to our  Mar 19 double header to see the fantastic banner advertising we have available for sponsors just like Delia’s!

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ARG is Officially in Love!

Valentine’s season might be over but our love is not. The love for our ARG officials, that is!

Sure it’s great to slap on some skates and hit some people but who keeps that under control? Who makes sure that the Atlanta Rollergirls are well prepared to play clean in tournaments?  Our wonderful, fantastic refs and officials, that’s who!  They keep us on our A game with each blow of the whistle.


A huge factor in a successful league is having smart, dedicated officials that know the rules and who aren’t afraid to call a cut. Refs volunteer their time for the love of the game and the love of their league.  Refs will travel and commit time just as much as the players.

There are five levels of certification that a ref can work towards. Obtaining these certifications is no small task.  It takes brains, determination and a boat load of knowledge.  ARG is proud to have some of the best sending us to the box!


But let’s hear straight from our Atlanta Rollergirls about our officials! How do we love, thee?  Let us count the blows of the whistles…….

Minnie VanDryver: “I love our refs because they really know their stuff!  When I was new to scrimmaging they would explain to me why I received a penalty when I wasn’t sure.  They all work awesome as a team and continue to keep up with new rules.”

DeathSkull: “They are such high quality and amazing refs that we TOTALLY miss them when they are not there. We are really spoiled in this league and we don’t know how spoiled we are until we travel.”

Shannihilator: “I fell in love with one of our refs, who then became a skater. So now she’s the one in love with an official.  And we’re getting married!”

Walt Hitman: “I love officials because they keep us safe.  Given its nature as a full-contact sport, derby creates the possibility for injury.  Officials ensure that the needless recklessness of unsafe play doesn’t up the ante.”

Agent Maulder: “They’ll nicely explain to you why you got the penalty you got if you ask.  THIS IS SO HELPFUL FOR ME.”


Rosie Derivator: “Have you ever tried to ref?  IT’S FREAKING HARD. How do their brains process:  “…PACKDEFINITIONIMPACTDIDSHECUTORDIDTHATSKATERALSOSTEPOUT
MOONISITSTILLAPENALTY…”  all while skating and keeping a cool/unbiased composure?! I could never do that, so I’m SO grateful that they can and do! Also, I kind-of married a ref.  So I guess I like him well enough.”

AndrewM (Super Friend): “Derby is a great sport because so much is going on at once – both teams can be playing offense and defense at the same time, both jammers are trying to get to get out and score points at the same time. Derby is a great sport because it is full-contact and physical, yet often filled with amazing skill and grace and speed. People hit hard, and people dance and jump around other flying bodies. All of this may look like chaos to the uninitiated, but the derby community has collaboratively defined rules to (a) keep people safe and (b) keep the game competitive and exciting. Derby needs rules, and needs refs and NSOs to enforce them. It is an incredibly difficult and demanding job – [some examples of all the things that have to be watched and judged at once…] Atlanta has some of the best officials IN THE WORLD. Their skills, their hard work and their dedication to their craft, are an integral and indispensable part of why roller derby is so strong in Atlanta and why Atlanta Rollergirls LOVE THEIR OFFICIALS!”

Scout SnipeHer: “They volunteer countless hours of their time so we can play a sport we love, we couldn’t do it without them!”

Quadratic Abrasion: “I love our officials (I REALLY DO) because they make ARG their priority. They focus on our league’s safety, knowledge and understanding of the rules, and multitude of events without asking for anything in return. They often do this at the expense of opportunities offered to them that could advance their careers as officials. They are the single most valuable resource we have.”


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Feb. 20th – Bout Recap

The second game of the Atlanta Rollergirls’ season did not disappoint! Grinding defense, relentless jammers and powerful offense were the highlights of this spectacular double header.  The bout opened with a matchup between the two undefeated teams, the Toxic Shocks and Denim Demons.  The main event showcased Atlanta’s talented rookies as they made their debut as a member of Atlanta’s C team, the Jukes of Hazzard.  They had their talent well tested against the classy yet merciless Soul City Sirens of Augusta, Georgia.


The Toxic Shocks and Denim Demons wasted no time showing each other what they’re made of. First jam both teams fielded power jammers, Afro Dykee of the Shocks and Choke Cherry of the Demons.  The defensive walls of both teams would leave most jammers crying before the first whistle was blown.  Choke Cherry drew first blood for the Demons but the Shocks defense held the Demon’s jammers for the next three jams to include a 22 point power jam from Afro.


Powerful walls and swift offense from both teams left you catching your breath for the jammers and their blockers. Soul crushing hits from Wild Cherri and grid lock defense by Nattie Long Legs, Curbstompin’ Cupcake and Rosie Derivator gave the Shocks a run for their money.  But Rebel Yellow, Eiffel Power, Axtual Malice and Baller Shot Caller answered back by working their defense magic.


The Shocks took a hard fought win over the Demons with a 190 to 130 score.


Shocks MVP Blocker: Baller Shot Caller

Shocks MVP Jammer: Afro Dykee

Demons MVP Blocker: Erykah Ba-Doozie

Demons MVP Jammer: Human Missile Crisis




The Jukes of Hazzard and Soul City Sirens kept you on the edge of your seat! Soul City showed they were not to be underestimated by taking the lead for the first three jams.  TagHer Lily quickly changed that in the fourth jam.  The game continued as a back and forth lead change and with close point differentials.  Beautiful offense by Charlie Chaos and Minnie Van Dryver helped the Jukes get that lead, while Hell2Pae and MFN Lady from Soul City remained a double threat throughout the game.  Ruby Chaos was able to pull a signature apex jump to keep the Juke’s momentum up while Beat Her Pan kept the Jukes’ walls on their toes.  And let’s not forget the highlight take out of the game!  As one of Atlanta’s newest and toughest rookies, Bea Right Back, donned the jammer panty, she laid a vicious shoulder hit to an unfortunate Soul City blocker’s chest, lifting her off her skates and on to the ground.


Final score: 209 Jukes of Hazzard to 185 Soul City Sirens.


Jukes MVP Blocker: Sofa Queen Sweet

Jukes MVP Jammer: Ruby Chaos

Soul City MVP Blocker: Hell2pae

Soul City MVP Jammer: Beat Her Pan

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Bout Preview- Feb 20

Welcome to the second double header of the Atlanta Rollergirls’ home season! Winter is crawling to an end, but things are only speeding up here on the flat track.

The Denim Demons and Toxic Shocks have both won their respective games so far this year. Game One will determine which home team will continue the season undefeated.
Game Two is the first game of the season in which Atlanta fans can unite in their support of their own Jukes of Hazzard taking on an Augusta, GA team, the Soul City Sirens.


After both of these teams’ winning games last month, this matchup should be one for the season. The Denim Demons are taking on the Toxic Shocks for the first time this year, and the opportunity for an undefeated season hangs in the balance. Only one of these teams can continue on the road that leads directly to the Championship game.
The Demons and Shocks both came out on top in relatively close games last month. The Demons defeated the Sake Tuyas 175-146 while the Shocks defeated the Apocalypstix 183-150. Both games were close for the entire match, and both the Demons and Shocks seemed to control the momentum of their respective games. Tonight’s winner will depend strongly on strategy and pacing. It seems both of these teams know how to take the momentum of a slight lead and continue that energy throughout an entire game. Both teams have stand out players and intense, solid defense, so whoever takes the win tonight will have brought the best game strategy to the table.


Atlanta fans, rev your engines, because the Jukes of Hazzard are here to make some noise. Tonight they are playing in the first interleague game of the season against the Soul City Sirens from Augusta, GA.
This game is the first time this year an Atlanta team will be playing a team from outside the city, and your own Jukes of Hazzard are anxious to bring in the first win for the ATL home crowd. Lead this season by Team Captain, Quadratic Abrasion, the Jukes of Hazzard have been working very hard in the off season to start the interleague season with a bang. Some of last year’s favorites are back, like the amazing apex jumping Ruby Chaos, and utility player TagHer Lily, but look for new faces on the track as well.

Last month’s bouts sold out, so be sure to get your tickets NOW!



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ARG Road Warriors

Sometimes the road to greatness is the one less travelled. In these skaters’ cases it is the one that is furthest.  Meet the road warriors of the Atlanta Rollergirls that commute above and beyond so they can be a part of ARG!


Snarls Darwin

How long is your commute?I leave straight from work to practice which is a 1.5 hr drive and return 1 hr home after practice.

Why commute to a roller derby league so far away?  What makes it worth it?My commute is so far away because I work in a very small town south of Atlanta. People will ask me why don’t I just find a job in Atlanta? Well, I moved here from the Dakotas for my current position and I’m trying to stick it out for at least another year. The biggest goal for me will be to find another Job in Atlanta and ultimately move there where I can be closer to derby. Derby is worth that for me. Honestly, mustering up the get go for a long commute is difficult for me. It places a lot of maintenance and miles onto my car. Also, I become very tired by the end of the week when getting home late from practices. With all of these cons you would wonder why anyone would consider the commute to be worth it? To emphasize I can certainly tell you that it is absolutely worth it! Never have I gained the experience and skating ability from any other team in my skating career. Skating with Atlanta is incredibly rewarding. You gain valuable advice from very experienced skaters. At ARG the only way is forward in terms of learning new abilities and improving yourself as a skater. I have improved so fast in the past 6 months of skating with this league. It is a much larger improvement than what I’ve had in the 3 years prior to joining ARG. So even though the commute will be arduously tough, I still continue to do it.

What is your favorite playlist/podcast/streaming station for your commute?   I love music so I listen to my personal library every commute. If you pay for SiriusXM my favorite station is the NPR station. It’s a GREAT Station!
What advice do you have for someone who really wants to skate with Atlanta but is intimidated by the commute?    My advice to any potential skater that is scared of the commute would be to just try it. You never know until you try something. I was discouraged at first when I moved here and saw the distance. However I’m really happy I decided to try it out! One thing I have learned is to manage your time well and choose wisely which practices to attend. Understand how much your body can take because burnout can happen very fast when a lot of your personal time is taken up with skating and half of that is actually only driving.


Walt Hitman

How long is your commute? If I’m coming from work, my drive to practice is 20-30 minutes (depending on traffic).  If I’m coming from home, my drive is an hour plus (again, depending on whether or not traffic is in my favor).

Why commute to a roller derby league so far away?  What makes it worth it? I have always commuted for roller derby.  My drive has been anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours one-way.  ARG is worth the drive for two reasons: 1) ARG offers a welcoming environment that is open to athletes from any background and skill-level.  2) ARG will then challenge said skater to be the best she can be and provide the training necessary to support that skater’s growth.

What is your favorite playlist/podcast/streaming station for your commute? Currently, I’m rocking Bowie’s greatest hits.  Usually, I’m listening to 90s era rock/alternative/metal.  After a long day at the office, I’m mentally exhausted, so I need some hype during my drive to re-energize and prepare for practice.

What advice do you have for someone who really wants to skate with Atlanta but is intimidated by the commute? The commute does require dedication, but it is absolutely worth it.  Give it a try.  There is always a way to make it work, and given the number of practice opportunities offered by ARG, it is possible to create a practice schedule that fits.


Move Bisch

How long is your commute? 42 miles. I live south of the city but my commute is almost entirely the interstate. I typically go against the flow of traffic so it’s usually a 45 minute- 1 hour drive. This is Atlanta though, so you just never know when you’re going to get stuck in a backup for miles on end.

Why commute to a roller derby league so far away?  What makes it worth it? I started with a league that was 18 miles from my house but the commute often took me 35-40 minutes on surface-streets due to traffic and lights. After going to a handful of clinics at the ARG practice facility, I realized that although it’s a further commute, it really wouldn’t take me much longer. Because there are a variety of practices each week, including weekends, I have some flexibility in choosing which practices work best with my schedule. When you realize how experienced, organized and passionate the skaters in the league are, you will understand why people are willing to drive from all over to join. Every practice is positive and varied because there are so many excellent trainers. As a newbie I’ve gained incredible experience skating with ladies who have been playing for years. There is simply no way I could have increased my level of play as quickly as I did if I wasn’t willing to put in a few extra miles.

What is your favorite playlist/podcast/streaming station for your commute? I recently started subscribing to Spotify and love that I can choose whatever artist or album tickles my fancy that day.  I can also listen to a playlist that someone else has put together.

What advice do you have for someone who really wants to skate with Atlanta but is intimidated by the commute? Try the drive at a practice time and really decide if it’s that bad. You might just find that A) it’s not that bad during off-peak traffic hours and B) if you really want to step up your game and training, there’s nowhere better to skate than ARG!


Human Missile Crisis

How long is your commute? About 1.5 during rush hour, 45 minutes after peak, 25-30 minutes home without traffic.

Why commute to a roller derby league so far away?  What makes it worth it? The play level, for sure.  ARG is a Top 15, D1 team, and the practices reflect that. It is also the mentality of the teams. There’s a lot to be said for practicing with girls that are hungry and focused. We work hard and we play hard, and the commute is worth that to me.

What is your favorite playlist/podcast/streaming station for your commute? You can download audiobooks for free through an app called Overdrive from your local library. Doesn’t take up all your storage and deletes itself when your books expire–no fees, finally. I’ve listened to The Shining and the Mockingjay series. Otherwise I’ll catch up with NPR.

What advice do you have for someone who really wants to skate with Atlanta but is intimidated by the commute? It’s tough, but it’s worth trying. Traffic and distance suck, but they’re kind of a part of living in Atlanta. If you’re doing a daily commute already, shouldn’t it be going somewhere you’re jazzed about, rather than just heading home to your bed?



Git Off My Lawn!

How long is your commute? 2.5 hours

Why commute to a roller derby league so far away?  What makes it worth it? When I initially moved back to Alabama I had my eye on ARG from the beginning.  I dropped in to a few practices and went to a couple of block parties and just fell in love with the league.  It’s one of the hardest working yet supportive and fun leagues I have skated with.  It’s so worth it because I really feel in this environment I have the opportunity to reach all of my derby goals.

What is your favorite playlist/podcast/streaming station for your commute? Usually on the way to practice I stream drum and bass to get pumped.  On the way back I stream a Seattle based independent radio station,

What advice do you have for someone who really wants to skate with Atlanta but is intimidated by the commute? Just do it!  Come to a few practices and try it out. It’s not as bad as you might think.  When I’m tired the next day at work I think of why I’m tired and it makes me happy.  It’s a lot more time management but I also value the practices in a different way.  I don’t drive all that way to hang out.  I’m more determined to get something from every minute I’m at the facility.

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