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February 21, Bout 2

The second game of the season-opening doubleheader matched the brand new Denim Demons against the brand new Toxic Shocks. Both teams are anchored by Team USA all-stars, with Wild Cherri returning to the Demons and transfer Baller Shot Caller joining the Toxic Shocks, and both lived up to their reputations by delivering some spectacularly showy blocks during this bout. The Demons, skating without their Captain Nattie Longlegs who was ill, took off to an early but narrow lead. A Shocks jammer penalty in the 7th jam gave Demons jammer Choke Cherry an opportunity to extend a 20-19 score to a 35-23 Demons advantage. Lighting-fast and powerful defense by Wild Cherri coupled by some well-timed offense by Totalitiffian helped the Demons hold on to lead for most of the first half, but the Shocks slowly chipped away at the margin. An unanswered 9 points by Shocks jammer Nora Gretz in the 16th jam brought Shocks within one point and the momentum decidedly shifted. Shocks jammers Afro Dykee, Nora Gretz, and Genie in a Battle turned three consecutive lead-jammer calls and a power jam into an unanswered 37 points. The half ended 61 Demons- 97 Shocks.

The second half began with a Shocks power jam, giving them a chance to extend the lead to 61-112. Shocks and Demons jammers traded leads at a fairly equal rate in the first half of the second period, but awesome Shocks defense anchored by Baller Shot Caller and offense by Ozzie Kamikaze prevented the Demons from converting lead jammer status into the points they needed. A Demons jammer penalty in the 4th jam gave Shocks Jammer Afro Dykee a chance to put up a cool 15 points, then the Shocks held the Demons scoreless for five consecutive jams and extended their lead to an almost insurmountable 157-73. The Demons rallied about midway through the second half with a series of lead jam calls, allowing them to match the Shocks point-for-point in jams 9-14, but they could not close the gap in the score. The Shocks were consistently able to do more with their leads and pack advantages, outscoring the Demons about 2 to 1, and they steadily pulled further away. The final score was 226 Shocks – 113 Demons.

MVP blockers were Helga G. Pa-Smack-i for the Demons and Baller Shot Caller for the Shocks; MVP jammers were Nutella Ferraro for the Denim Demons and Afro Dykee for Toxic Shocks.


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February 21, Bout 1

New year, new teams! The 2015 season opener pitted the brand new Apocalypstix against the brand new Sake Tuyas in a nail-biter of a bout with the win up for grabs until the very last jam. The Sakes took off to a quick lead, until a power jam gave Stix jammer Trouble MakeHer a quick 10 points and the first lead change. It was a close back-and-forth for a while, but Sakes defensive walls anchored by all-stars Switchblade Siouxsie and Rudy Huxtabrawl held tight, allowing the Sakes to slowly extend their lead. Another power jam coupled with Stix blocker penalties opened up the first significant lead, Sakes 51- Stix 30. Then Trouble Makeher came to town, in back-to-back jams against light Sakes packs, laying on 17 and 18 points for another lead change. 72-69. But it didn’t last. Stix jammer penalties gave Sakes jammer The Boss an opportunity to take the Sakes back to a 93-72 lead. The half ended 102-72.

The Stix came back in the second half with a formidable all-star jammer rotation of just Trouble and Slams McKenzie, bolstered by Stix blockers Queen Loseyateefa and Madditude Adjustment, who stayed on the track jam after jam after jam. The score remained close until the Sakes handed Trouble a power jam with a light Sakes pack, giving her an opportunity to score 28 points and cut the Sakes lead to 146-122. The margin stayed close until a seemingly beautiful apex jump by Sakes Jammer The Boss turned into a track cut on official review, and Trouble put up the points to close the Sakes lead to just six points, 170-164. The Sakes answered back with three straight leads, entering the final jam, 197-168. That margin was hardly safe though. In a thrilling final jam. Sakes got lead but both jammers went to the box, giving their teams a chance to trade off points for a full two-minute jam that finished in a Sakes win, 197-181.

MVP blockers were Switchblade Siouxsie for the Sake Tuyas and Queen Loseyateefa for the Apocalypstix; MVP Jammers were Souljourner for Sake Tuyas and Trouble MakeHer for the Apocalypstix.


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August 30, Champs

This competition started long before these teams laced up their skates. Intimidation tactics had started a rivalry in the weeks following playoffs as each team banded together to promote their upcoming championship victory. The Denim Demons hadn’t held the golden skate since 2012, and hadn’t actually defeated the Toxic Shocks since 2010. The Shocks had not lost a game all season, and as reigning champions, were looking to continue their dynasty. 

When the first whistle blew Shocks jammer, Jammunition, waited patiently for her moment, lulling the Demons blockers into a false sense of security, and ran hard up the inside line, gaining lead jammer. Demons jammer, Nora Gretz, followed quickly after, leaving Jammunition time to score only two points before calling it off. The Demons defense were not to be taken so easily the next time, as Ozzie Kamakazi knocked the Shocks jammer out of bounds, and Switchblade Siousxie pulled her back behind the pack to allow their jammer, Afro Dykee, time to gain a solid four points. From the beginning, this game was very physical with a variety of take-outs, take-downs, and soul crushing, un-moveable, defensive walls that both of these teams are widely known for. Both teams’ jammers had to be light on their feet to score anything at all. As they juked and jumped around powerful hits and solid walls, it was obvious all players on the track wanted a piece of that championship golden skate. The half ended Demons – 99, Shocks – 54.

The second half proved even more violent than the first. Shocks blockers Rebel Yellow, Desi Scarnaz, Violent Beauregarde, and Scout SnipeHer, held the Demons jammer back long enough for their jammer, Nutella Ferrero, to score multiple natural grand slams in one jam, but a jam later the Demons answered back with Lez Dispenser, Queen Loseyateefa, and Rosie Derivator drawing a back block on the Shocks jammer, allowing ChokeCherry to gain back those critical points. The score went back and forth several times as each team fought for the chance to call themselves champions once again.

The Shocks took the lead with less than five minutes left due to a botched star pass by the Demons, leaving the Demons without a jammer at all for over half of a jam. This, followed by a jammer penalty, seemed to spell disaster for the Demons, leaving them 10 points behind with only 35 seconds left on the clock. When the whistle blew to start the last jam, the building filled with noise from the ecstatic fans. Both jammers were held for an entire lap before ChokeCherry broke free, and in a whirlwind scored 24 points before the final whistle blast. Demons win 181 – 170.

Demons MVPs

Jammer – ChokeCherry

Blocker – Rosie Derivator

Shocks MVPs

Jammer – Trouble MakeHer

Blocker – Scout SnipeHer


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August 30, Grudge Match

As the Sake Tuyas and Apocalypstix took to the track, the air thickened with competition. The Sakes were looking for a repeat of the season’s opener in which they defeated the Stix 192-126. The Stix were looking for redemption. Not only for the season opener, but their entire season. They had come within points of victory each game, but had lost their footing in the final minutes of every bout. The Stix where hungry for a win to finish their year, and the Sakes were anxious to leave them sitting in fourth place.

Apocalypstix jammer, The Boss, hit the pack hard at the first whistle, and slipped around Sake wrecking balls, Shannanigan and Whoa Nellie to earn lead jammer, but Sake jammer Wheelin’ Jennings was hot on her heals, and matched points with The Boss before the Stix jammer was able to call it. Sake powerhouse, Merchant of Menace, blasted through on the inside line to earn lead jammer in the second jam, leaving Stix jammer, Slams McKenzie, to fight and juke her way out from behind the seemingly never ending positional blocks and recycling hits the Sakes have mastered over the years. Sakes took the lead, but the Stix answered back with a jam which tied the score directly after. The two teams alternated lead several times before the half ended at a close Stix – 77, Sakes – 62.

The Sakes started with a boom in the second half, stealing the lead back again and keeping the Stix at a halt for the first couple jams, but the Stix defense hit back hard, shutting down the Sake jammers long enough for the Stix to regain lead. Even when Stix jammer penalties could have spelled doom for their chance at victory, Stix blockers such as Slamborghini, Axtual Malice, The Ruffian, and Madditude Adjustment worked together to kept the Sake jammers in check, allowing the Stix jammer to come out of the penalty box and score back some points that were lost.

With barely a minute on the clock the Sakes held the lead by a narrow two points. Fans were standing, cheering for their favorite team. “Let’s go Sakes!” was answered with a roaring, “Let’s Go Stix!” The Stix jammer took lead by fighting through on the inside line, and with heavy offensive work from her blockers, was able to gain the four points the Stix desperately needed to take the win. But the game wasn’t over. There were still seconds on the clock, which was all the Sakes needed to steal back the win. Stix jammer, Genie in a Battle, lined up against Merchant of Menace. The outcome of this grudge match weighed heavily on who would become lead jammer. As the whistle blew, Menace was trapped by the Stix blockers long enough, for Genie to take the outside edge, juking two separate attempts by Sake blockers to knock her out, and take lead jammer. Stix win 146 – 144.

Stix MVPs

Jammer – Slams McKenzie

Blocker – Madditude Adjustment

Sake MVPs

Jammer – Wheelin’ Jennings

Blocker – InSINerator


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August 9, Bout 1

What a great opening to the Atlanta Rollergirls’ playoffs! Tensions were high as the number two team, The Denim Demons, and the number three team, The Sake Tuyas, went head-to-head for a chance to play in the championship bout. The Sakes were first to put points on the board after a 0-0 first jam. The Sakes held the Demons for a good three jams, inching forward in score by two or three points each, until the Demons announced their presence with a single game-tying power jam by the slick and hard to trap, Nora Gretz. The Sakes and Demons fought back and forth, with hard hits and strategic star passes ending the first half with a close 72-57 Sake lead.

The second half was just as impressive as the two home teams battled for the chance to taste the sweet victory of championship. The Sakes’ Merchant of Menace scored more than a few natural grand-slams over the Demons, but the Demons fought back with vengeance, and their dominating defense eventually gained control. The Demons took a strong hold of the lead in the last quarter, ending the game with an official final score of Demons – 221, Sakes – 171.

Demon MVPs

Jammer MVP – Nora Gretz

Blocker MVP – Queen Loseyateefa

Sake MVPs

Jammer MVP – Merchant of Menace

Blocker MVP – Amelia Scareheart


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August 9, Bout 2

Game two of the playoffs was an epic battle of last year’s champions and undefeated league juggernaut, the Toxic Shocks, against underdog and crowd favorite, The Apocalypstix. The Shocks hit hard in the first half, taking advantage of Stix jammer penalties, and put up a towering score of 145 to 69 by the end of the first half. 

The Stix were not to be taken so easily though, and with multiple grand-slams by The Boss, The Ruffian, and newcomer, Slams McKenzie, the Stix lit a fire to the Shocks’ tails. Although they never quite took the lead, the Stix kept it close, trailing by less than 10 points for most of the second half. Tensions were high until the last jam, as only one strong power play separated the Stix from the lead, but the Toxic Shocks’ killer defense crushed the underdogs’ hopes at the Championships, ending the game with an official final score of Shocks – 227, Stix – 194.

Shocks MVPs

Jammer MVP – Nutella Ferrero

Blocker MVP – Nattie LongLegs

Stix MVPs

Jammer MVP – Slams McKenzie

Blocker MVP – Totalitiffian


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July 12, Bout 2

Fans stayed on their feet for this hometown showdown. With the taste of last season’s powerful win still on their tongues, the Demon’s came wanting more, but the Stix put up a venemous fight, proving they were not so easy to take down. Lead changes were regular, and every push the Demons gave, the Stix answered back, keeping the score to a close 112 – Demons, 103 – Stix at the half.

The second half was just as exciting as the first, and it was obvious both of these hometeams came to win. There were lead changes and star passes, big hits and fancy feet. Defense on both sides was fierce. Each jammer had to fight, push and juke their way through rock hard walls, only to be faced with blockers recycling them back into the pack almost every turn. In the last minutes, the Stix were up, and victory was in their grasps, until All Star blocker Queen Loseyateefa did was she does best, and drew a cut track penalty on the Stix’s jammer. Even though the Stix fought to the bitter end, with The Boss sneaking their last four points in at the final whistle, jammer penalties were the Stix’s downfall, and the Demons came through for the win with an official final score of Demons – 224, Stix – 184.

Demon MVPs
Jammer MVP – Afro Dykee
Blocker MVP – Lez Dispenser

Stix MVPs
Jammer MVP – Slams McKenzie
Blocker MVP – Rudy Huxtabrawl


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July 12, Bout 1

Dirty South Derby Girls vs. Naptown Roller Girls

Final Score: Dirty South 221 — Naptown 72

The Dirty South Derby Girls showed their unstoppable steam engine like quality again June 12 against the Naptown Roller Girls. It was 0 – 0 after the first jam, and Naptown struck first in the second with a two point nudge, but after a jammer penalty in the third, Dirty South’s Bruze Orman took hold of the lead with a 20 point jam. Bruze’s strong jam proved to be the steam Dirty South needed for take off, and after a tenacious fight from Naptown, the first half ended 126 – Dirty South, 38 – Naptown.

The Dirty South kept gathering momentum in the second half with unbreakable walls and jammers pushing full steam ahead. Jammunition, or Grand Slam Jam as the fans call her, proved her name once again the second half with several grand slams, and Jean Juke Piccard put those facy feet to good use, juking around Naptown’s hard hitters like Asian Sinsation and Mutant Jean. Naptown’s Maiden America and G-Rocket answered back, putting points on the board, but Dirty South’s renouned defense held strong, smooth and together, for an official final score of Dirty South – 221, Naptown – 72.

Dirty South MVPs
Jammer MVP – Jammunition
Blocker MVP – Ozzie Kamikaze

Naptown MVPs
Jammer MVP – Maiden America
Blocker MVP – Asian Sinsation


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June 14, Bout 2

Toxic Shocks vs. Sake Tuyas

Final Score: Shocks 269 – Sakes 138

Having lost several of their mainstay players, the Sake Tuyas put up a fight before falling to the Toxic Shocks on June 14. The Sakes were expecting a tough bout, and with the absence of Agent Maulder, Hollicidal and the Merchant of Menace, the Shocks capitalized and brought home the win.

With all-star jammers Jean-Juke Picard, Trouble MakeHer and Jammunition, the game started out strong for the Shocks. The Sake walls were unable to hold all those fancy feet, and the score at the half was Shocks 166 – Sakes 57.

The Sakes regrouped during halftime, and proved that teamwork is the MVP in any game. With walls led by captain Amelia Scareheart and ICU Dead, the Sakes sent in jammers wrecking ball Woah Nellie, agile Wheelin’ Jennings and tenacious Fullatrix LeStrange who grabbed points 4 and 5 at a time. During the jams where the Sake walls stayed tight, they began making a comeback, but the expert blocking by Scout SnipeHer and Rebel Yellow shut down several scoring runs, and the Shocks pulled out the win.

Shocks MVPs
Jammer MVP- Elle A. Driveby
Blocker MVP- Alassin Sane

Sakes MVPs
Jammer MVP- Wheelin’ Jennings
Blocker MVP- Shannanigan


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June 14, Bout 1

Dirty South Derby Girls vs. Arch Rival Rollergirls All-Stars

Final Score: DSDG 250 – ARRG 67

Although the score was heavily in favor of the Dirty South Derby Girls (DSDG), the Arch Rival Rollergirls (ARRG) brought a fast, physical game to Atlanta on June 14. Hot off the whistle, ARRG’s jammer Brickyard put the first points on the board, but DSDG’s Bruze Orman answered with 8. DSDG mobilized their defensive walls, and blocking superstar Queen Loseyateefa was a stabilizing force throughout the game. DSDG increased their lead by about 100 points, with jamming by DSDG rookie and high scorer of the first half ChokeCherry and Jammunition.

The points for DSDG just kept on coming. ARRG got into trouble when they weren’t able to switch from offense to defense fast enough. DSDG walls were solid, so ARRG would hit with quick offense, but weren’t able to mobilize their walls fast enough to stop DSDG jammers, resulting in grand slam after grand slam for DSDG. Hard, solid walls left no hope for ARRG to sneak in any points. The final score was DSDG 250, ARRG 67.

Jammer MVP- Mighty Mighty boston
Blocker MVP- Party Foul

Jammer MVP- Belle of the Brawl
Blocker MVP- Queen Loseyateefa

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