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Combining a notoriously strong defense and intensely physical jamming, the Apocalypstix dominated throughout much of the second bout, taking an early lead and holding on to it even when momentum temporarily shifted in the Toxic Shocks’ favor. Apocalypstix blockers, with standout performances by Queen Loseyateefa and Madditude Adjustment, frustrated even the Shocks’ all-star jammers Afro Dykee and Baller Shot Caller, holding the Shocks scoreless for seven consecutive jams in the first half. But for most of the hour, this was not a bout characterized by high-scoring jams but a tit-for-tat with the Stix steadily increasing their lead. At half time the Stix had outpaced the Shocks to the tune of 105-57.

Bout 1: Apocalypstix vs. Toxic Shocks

Combining a notoriously strong defense and intensely physical jamming, the Apocalypstix dominated throughout much of the first bout, taking an early lead and holding on to it even when momentum temporarily shifted in the Toxic Shocks’ favor. Apocalypstix blockers, with standout performances by Queen Loseyateefa and Madditude Adjustment, frustrated even the Shocks’ all-star jammers Afro Dykee and Baller Shot Caller, holding the Shocks scoreless for seven consecutive jams in the first half. But for most of the hour, this was not a bout characterized by high-scoring jams but a tit-for-tat with the Stix steadily increasing their lead. At half time the Stix had outpaced the Shocks to the tune of 105-57.

Photo: Clay Walker

Photo: Clay Walker

The first jam of the second half delivered a much-needed power jam to the Shocks allowing Afro Dykee to put up a cool 21 points and cut the Stix lead from 48 to 29 points. But the Stix began to extend the lead again, aided by a couple of 10+ point jams and a whopping 25-point power jam. Two consecutive Stix jammer penalties in a single jam gave the opportunity right back to the Shocks who converted the break into 25 points for the ladies in green. But the momentum never completely shifted in the Shocks’ favor. The Stix lead held steady, with the Stix scooping up most of the lead jam calls in the final minutes in spite of formidable Shocks walls anchored by all-star blockers Axtual Malice and Rebel Yellow. The Stix finished the game with a decisive 196-145 score and secured their seed in the championship bout.

MVP blockers were Madditude Adjustment for the Apocalypstix and Rebel Yellow for the Toxic Shocks; MVP jammers were Dani Doom for the Apocalypstix and Baller Shot Caller for the Toxic Shocks.

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

Bout 2: Sake Tuyas vs. the Denim Demons

A reprise of last month’s exciting bout which delivered a Demons upset of the previously undefeated Sake Tuyas, this playoff game lived up to predictions, with extremely close scores and the win in balance for the full 60 minutes. For the first 8 jams the teams traded advantage and the lead, until Sakes jammer Saikou was able to capitalize on two consecutive Demons jammer penalities in a single jam to open up a 27-point lead for the Sakes. The Sakes held onto that lead, but Demons defensive standouts Wild Cherri and Nattie Longlegs held Sakes jammers to just 9 additional points in the next 7 jams. Demons’ jammers slowly chipped away at the Sakes’ margin, bringing the ladies in blue to within 3 points as the half wound down. Sakes defense, however, also took a toll on the Demons. Zone-style defense, anchored by Switchblade Siouxsie and Desi Scarnaz, opened up an opportunity for Sakes jammers to extend the Sakes lead to 98-71 by the halftime whistle.

Photo: Clay Walker

Photo: Clay Walker

The Denim Demons came out strong in the second half, taking advantage of two Sakes jammer penalties to cut the Sakes’ lead to just 2 points by the 3rd jam. The Sakes held onto the lead and extended it to 27 points about midway through the half, but power jams and penalties proved key, allowing the Demons to remain within the range of just a single
high-scoring jam. In the final minutes the Sakes poured on the aggression, winning a series of lead jam calls and holding the Demons scoreless for 5 consecutive jams. In the final jam of the game, Demons jammer Jean-Juke Picard snagged the lead and put up 23 points, but it was not enough to close the gap. Sakes took the win 193-166, and advanced to the championship bout.

MVP blockers were Desi Scarnaz for the Sake Tuyas and Totalitiffian for the Denim Demons; MVP jammers were The Boss for the Sake Tuyas and Jean-Juke Picard for the Denim Demons.

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

Photo: O-Jen Ishii

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July Bout Recaps

Bout 1: Denim Demons vs. Sake Tuyas

The Sake Tuyas struck first with a 8-0 jam lead, compliments of Sake jammer the Boss. The Denim Demons fought back, and took the lead for a while, until the Sake defense held the Demons’ jammer long enough to take back a one-point lead. But the Demons began to pick up momentum and were able to capitalize on several Sake penalties. New Demons’ skaters, Hale Damage and Human Missile Crisis, made a fantastic first showing as jammers, and the Demons held control the rest of the first half. To the undefeated Sake Tuyas dismay, the first half ended 127-39 Demons lead.

The Sakes had a major comeback in the second half. The Demons’ jammers began to accrue penalties, and their blockers followed suit. The Sakes capitalized on the situation, and recent Sake transfer, Saikou, with the help of her offense, had several high scoring jams. The point spread was closed to a cozy 40 points, but it wasn’t enough to pull a lead change. The Demons took home their first win of the season against the Sakes 196-153.

Crisis gets a push from Cherri towards Siouxsie. Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

Crisis gets a push from Cherri towards Siouxsie.
Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

Bout 2: Red All-Stars vs. Blue All-Stars

The first ever Red vs. Blue bout, featuring dream teams made up of the Atlanta Rollergirls’ best skaters and captained by ARG all-stars Queen Loseyateefa and Wild Cherri, lived up its billing as one of the most exciting and competitive of the season. Filled with lead changes and major rallies on both sides that made every jam into a potential game-changer, the bout also featured a match-up between two distinctive derby strategies. Blue team relied heavily on the Atlanta Rumble B’s more mobile zone-style defense while Red team stuck with the Atlanta all-stars’ tighter, flatter defensive walls. The success of both strategies held points-per-jam to a minimum on both sides for the majority of the bout, and which team won lead jam and points was often determined by short packs or power jams. By the middle of the first half, however, Blue team had eked out a narrow lead that held steady around 20-25 points for the rest of the half.

Red team came back from halftime on fire, picking up 2 lead jams and taking advantage of short blue packs and a power jam, for a 28-0 scoring run. Another power jam for Red gave them the largest lead of the bout at 161-108. After a time out and regrouping, however, Blue rallied and began to make up some of the distance, outscoring Red 36-12 as the clock wound down to the final minutes. Then Red jammer High Jinxxx took a brutal hit and a bad fall that left her immobilized on the track. When it became clear that she needed medical attention and could not be moved, captains, coaches and referees agreed to call the game as only a couple of minutes remained on the clock. The final score was 178 Red – 152 Blue.

The big win for everyone was finding out later that night that Jinxxx was okay – look for her on the track at Atlanta Rollergirls’ home team bouts next month!

Baller vs. Trouble Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

Baller vs. Trouble
Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

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June Bout Recaps

Bout 1: Atlanta Jukes of Hazzard vs. Muscogee Roller Girls

This rematch on the Jukes of Hazzard’s home turf was everything Atlanta roller derby fans could have wished for – a competitive bout that ended in a solid victory for Atlanta. The Jukes jammers won nearly all the early lead calls, but solid Muscogee defense kept the scores per jam low and the bout remained extremely close for most of the first half. Ten jams into the game the score was just 16-12. Then a series of Atlanta jammer penalties about midway through the first half turned the tables in Muscogee’s favor. Fortunately for Atlanta fans, Jukes defense—marked by effective recycling and solid, slow walls—kept Muscogee from converting back-to-back power jams into big scores. Muscogee took the lead, but only by a slim margin. Then near the end of the half an Atlanta Rookie, Marzipain, scored a whopping 25 points in a single jam, giving the Jukes the first substantial lead of the game. By the end of the half, the Jukes led 93-55. The second half began much like the first, with Atlanta dominating the lead jam calls and both teams trading low-scoring jams. Although the back and forth made for an exciting game, it nevertheless allowed Atlanta to maintain a comfortable advantage. About 20 minutes into the second half, the Jukes put up a quick unanswered 30 points, cementing their victory.  The final score was Atlanta 195, Muscogee 128.


Tagher Lily sneaks by on the inside line. Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

MVP blockers were Emma Wantsome for the Jukes of Hazzard and Dodgeher for Muscogee; MVP jammers were Marzipain for the Jukes and Jett Fuel for Muscogee.


Bout 2: Apocalypstix vs. Toxic Shocks

In this much-anticipated first match up between the Toxic Shocks and the Apocalypstix, the Stix jumped into an early and decisive lead. Although the Shocks gained their share of lead jam calls with all-star jammer Afro Dykee, strong Stix defense, anchored by all-stars Queen Loseyateefa and Madditude Adjustment, held Shocks scoring to a minimum. The Stix outscored the Shocks nearly 3-1 in the first nine jams. A nine-point point jam by pinch-hitter Lez Dispenser introduced a brief rally by the Shocks, but then a series of Shocks jammer and blocker penalties soon passed the advantage decidedly back to the Stix. Capitalizing on a series of power jams, the Stix finished the half 125-57. The Shocks came back strong in the second period, with their all-stars Baller Shotcaller, Rebel Yellow and Ozzie Kamikaze putting up a powerful defense and holding the Stix back to mainly single-scoring passes, while Shocks jammers matched the Stix point-for-point. The Stix soon gave back their own share of consecutive power jams and blocker penalties, but the Shocks were unable to convert the opportunity into the big scoring runs they needed. Both teams scored exactly 81 points in the second half, but it was not enough to address the early advantage gained by the Stix. The final score was Stix 206, Shocks 138.

Face off! Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

Face off!
Photo: O-Jen Ishii Photography

MVP blockers were Protokill Droid for the Toxic Shocks and The Ruffian for the Apocalypstix; MVP jammers were Afro Dykee for the Shocks and Trouble MakeHer for the Stix.

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May 9, Bout 2

This much anticipated game between Atlanta’s all-star Dirty South Derby Girls and the AngelCity Hollywood Scarlets, both highly ranked teams known for slow, strong
defensive walls, lived up to expectations. In a close first half, it was a battle of defenses to see who could shut down the opposing team’s jammer the longest, with many of the points scored in power jams. Atlanta’s jammers struggled from the start to break through walls anchored by Angel City’s Soledad and Laci Knight, which led to two early star passes and a 36-7 lead for the Scarlets. A power jam for Trouble MakeHer put DSDG back within reach of the lead at 36-22and the score remained close for much of the first half, ending with Angel City72-Atlanta 51. In the second half DSDG had their work cut out for them holding back Angel City jammers who proved to have an uncanny ability to sneak through on the inside line. In spite of some extraordinary defensive plays by Queen Loseyateefa, Switchblade Siouxsie, Baller Shot Caller and Wild Cherri—including a takeout hit by Wild Cherri that sent the jammer helmet cover flying off Darby Dagger’s head—and some great pinch-hit jamming by Slams McKenzie and BallerShot Caller, Angel City gradually extended their lead. Atlanta kept up the fight, with Choke Cherry putting up a big 10-point jam about 20 minutes into the half and DSDG blockers slowing the Angel City scoring to a trickle for a series of jams. But Angel soon pulled out to an insurmountable hundred-pointlead, 176-76. Proving that it’s not over until the final whistle, the final jam– which featured Atlanta’sBaller winning lead jammer, a failed star pass byAngel City, and jammer penalties on both teams, had all the fans on their feet. The final score was 179-96.


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May 9, Bout 1

The bout started out close, as the Atlanta Rumble Bs, favored for the win, inched out into a small, early lead. While Atlanta jammers dominated the first four jams, Second Wind’s jammers repeatedly escaped Bs defenses just in time to force early call offs and kept the score low. An early Atlanta jammer penalty put Second Wind in the lead for a brief moment a few minutes into the game, but then a couple of back-to-back penalties by Second Wind’s jammer gave the Bs an opening. With handy offense by Bs blockers, Atlanta’s jammers collected an easy 20+ points and put the Bs in a 52-10 lead.
While the Bs also had their fair share of jammer and blocker penalties in the first half, the Atlanta defense prevented Second Wind from turning advantage into points. In the second quarter of the game,Second Wind jammers were visibly tired and the Bs began outscoring them by more than 2 to 1, ending the half at 118-39. Second Wind came out stronger after halftime and looked likethey might stop Atlanta from running away with the game. Windy’s strongest blockers put up a formidable defense, working Bs jammers to the line and refusing to be pushed out of play, but in most jams Atlanta’s defense proved just that much stronger, allowing Atlanta jammers to escape and gain lead time after time. A series of Atlanta jammer and blocker penalties might have allowed Second Wind an opportunity to close the scoring gap, but Bs defenses shut down their power jams, as the last line of Bs defense repeatedly pulled Windy’s jammers back into the pack. The final score was 276-113.

MVP blockers were Beshemoth for Second Wind and Desi Scarnaz for the Rumble Bs; MVP jammers were Yom Kapow for Second Wind and Souljourner for the Rumble Bs.


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April 18, Bout 2

Though the Shocks came into this game short a couple of their strongest players, Captain Baller Shot Caller and jammer Nora Gretz, the first half proved that the Shocks were in it to win it. A highlight of the night was an opportunity to see the Shocks’ string of “guest star” jammers, including all-star blockers Ozzie Kamakazi, Lez Dispenser, and Rebel Yellow, and a guest ringer from the Stix, High Jinxx. The Sakes put up an early lead, but the scores per jam and the Sakes’ lead remained small, as each team exchanged a series of mostly low-scoring jams. Then late in the first half, Shocks blocker penalties introduced a break for the Sakes. Facing short packs of just 1 or 2 Shocks blockers, the Sakes jammers put up a quick 22 points to the Shocks’ 6, extending the Sakes lead to 88-60 at the half. In the second period, both teams struggled with penalties, including a failed apex jump by The Boss that led refs to pull her from the game. But the Sakes’ ability to shut down Shocks’ power jams and keep all-star jammer Afro Dykee in check allowed Sakes jammers to collect the points and gradually pull away. The final score was 219-157.

MVP blockers were Luxfurious for the Sake Tuyas and Ozzie Kamakazi for the Toxic Shocks; MVP Jammers were Hate Ashbury for Sake Tuyas and Lez Dispenser for the Toxic Shocks.


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April 18, Bout 1

With both teams missing key players, the outcome of this game was a tough one to predict and it started off very close. Though the Stix jammers got a higher proportion of lead jam calls, gaining lead in six of the first seven jams, strong blocking from the Demons prevented the Stix from turning their advantage into points. Through the first seven jams, the Demon defense held the Stix lead to just 12-6. Then Demons Jammer Jean Juke Picard put the Demons back in the lead with a 9-point jam. Soon after, however, Demons began rack up blocker and jammer penalties. Short packs and power jams gave the Stix an opportunity to jump out to 59-15 lead. Demons jammers Amsterdam and Choke Cherry turned a couple of Stix jammer penalties into a quick 29 points for the Demons, but the margin continued to slowly widen in favor of the Stix. At the half Stix led 102-54. In the second half, fierce blocking by Madditude Adjustment and Queen Loseyateefa coupled with Demons jammer penalties kept the Demons from making a comeback. The Stix outscored the Demons by more than 3 to 1 in the second half, ending the game at 230 – 85.

MVP blockers were Queen Loseyateefa for the Apocalypstix and Nattie Long Legs for the Demons; MVP jammers were High Jinxx for the Apocalypstix and Nutella Ferraro for the Demim Demons.


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March 21, Bout 2

The headline bout between the closely-ranked Atlanta and Jacksonville all-stars lived up to everyone’s high expectations, delivering a real nail-biter, with multiple lead changes and the win up for grabs until the final whistle of the very last jam. As expected, the game turned into a battle pitting DSDG’s legendary defensive blocking against Jacksonville’s deep pool of jammer talent and smart offensive play. Atlanta’s defense delivered, anchored by great teamwork, and fortified by stand-out performances by Switchblade Siouxsie and Madditude Adjustment and a strong showing by rookie Axtual Malice. While New Jax speed-skater/jammer Erin Jackson lived up to her reputation, slipping through walls and covering half the track with three or four impossibly strong strides, Atlanta’s all-stars held her relatively in check and score remained low on both sides. Twenty minutes into the second half, the score was just 43-56 with Jacksonville holding on to a narrow lead. Stand-out jamming by Atlanta rookie Afro Dykee, who alternately juked and powered through Jacksonville defense, supported by the aggressive, blocker-style jamming of Wild Cherri, kept DSDG in the game. A power jam and a series of scoreless jams for Jacksonville allowed Atlanta to whittle away at the New Jax lead, ending the half trailing by just 3 points at 83-80.

Atlanta quickly turned the tables in the second half, putting up a quick 15 points in the first two jams to take a lead of 95-83. Atlanta held onto the lead for much of the second half, but momentum shifted about 10 minutes later with a power jam in New Jax’s favor. Jacksonville then held Atlanta scoreless for a series of jams, taking the lead and extending it to 144-126. Penalties piled up for both teams and there were multiple jams with both teams fielding light packs. For the remainder the half Jacksonville and Atlanta traded points and the lead. DSDG defense continued to deliver, forcing a number of jammer star passes, and New Jax’s stand-out blocker Meow Mix fouled out as the period clock wound down. With 9 seconds left on the game clock, it was a 3-point game. In the final jam, Jacksonville was called for a delay of game after failing to field any blockers, yet despite the short pack from the ensuing penalty Jacksonville’s jammer Krispy Kreme Her got lead and ran out the clock. Jacksonville took the win, 173-170.

MVP blockers were Baller Shot Caller for Atlanta and Atomic Mel-Down for Jacksonville. MVP jammers were Afro Dykee for Atlanta and Erin Jackson for Jacksonville.


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March 21, Bout 1

In their first game of the 2105 season, the Atlanta Rumble Bs put up a decisive win over Jacksonville’s River City Rat Pack in a fast-paced, frenetic bout. Fortified by some outstanding transfers and rookies this season, the Bs came out strong on the first whistle, taking an early lead. Bs blockers and jammers delivered a one-two punch to Jacksonville, with the Bs’ new, highly mobile defensive formation shutting down the Rat Pack jammers on the starts, giving the strong Atlanta jammers the opportunity to gain lead time after time. With the exception of a few power jams, Atlanta scores per jam remained fairly moderate, as Rat Pack jammers would finally escape Atlanta blockers after the Bs jammers had a chance to make one or two passes. But the Bs’ high percentage of winning lead and their defense on power jams took a steady toll, and the half ended with the Bs in leading,123-35.

The Rat Pack came back from halftime with some fire, tightening their defensive walls and pouring on the offense. A series of lead jammer calls went Jacksonville’s way, and they began to chip away at the Atlanta lead. But in spite of the heavy offensive fire, Bs defense remained strong. Even as Rat Pack blockers disrupted Atlanta’s defense, the one-on-one blocking skills of individual Bs skaters and the team’s relentless defensive recycling to the front of the pack allowed Atlanta to hold on to the lead and wear down the Jacksonville jammers. By the middle of the second half, Rat Pack jammers were visibly tired, and opportunities to convert their few power jams to big scores were squashed by the Bs. Scoring differentials per jam began to widen in the Bs’ favor, allowing the Rumble Bs to run away with the game. At the final whistle, the Bs had outscored Jacksonville’s Rat Pack 3-1. The final score was 297-97.

MVP blockers were Souljourner for the Rumble Bs and Tera Bites for the Rat Pack. MVP jammers were The Boss for the Rumble Bs and Naughty Nesha for the Rat Pack.


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February 21, Bout 2

The second game of the season-opening doubleheader matched the brand new Denim Demons against the brand new Toxic Shocks. Both teams are anchored by Team USA all-stars, with Wild Cherri returning to the Demons and transfer Baller Shot Caller joining the Toxic Shocks, and both lived up to their reputations by delivering some spectacularly showy blocks during this bout. The Demons, skating without their Captain Nattie Longlegs who was ill, took off to an early but narrow lead. A Shocks jammer penalty in the 7th jam gave Demons jammer Choke Cherry an opportunity to extend a 20-19 score to a 35-23 Demons advantage. Lighting-fast and powerful defense by Wild Cherri coupled by some well-timed offense by Totalitiffian helped the Demons hold on to lead for most of the first half, but the Shocks slowly chipped away at the margin. An unanswered 9 points by Shocks jammer Nora Gretz in the 16th jam brought Shocks within one point and the momentum decidedly shifted. Shocks jammers Afro Dykee, Nora Gretz, and Genie in a Battle turned three consecutive lead-jammer calls and a power jam into an unanswered 37 points. The half ended 61 Demons- 97 Shocks.

The second half began with a Shocks power jam, giving them a chance to extend the lead to 61-112. Shocks and Demons jammers traded leads at a fairly equal rate in the first half of the second period, but awesome Shocks defense anchored by Baller Shot Caller and offense by Ozzie Kamikaze prevented the Demons from converting lead jammer status into the points they needed. A Demons jammer penalty in the 4th jam gave Shocks Jammer Afro Dykee a chance to put up a cool 15 points, then the Shocks held the Demons scoreless for five consecutive jams and extended their lead to an almost insurmountable 157-73. The Demons rallied about midway through the second half with a series of lead jam calls, allowing them to match the Shocks point-for-point in jams 9-14, but they could not close the gap in the score. The Shocks were consistently able to do more with their leads and pack advantages, outscoring the Demons about 2 to 1, and they steadily pulled further away. The final score was 226 Shocks – 113 Demons.

MVP blockers were Helga G. Pa-Smack-i for the Demons and Baller Shot Caller for the Shocks; MVP jammers were Nutella Ferraro for the Denim Demons and Afro Dykee for Toxic Shocks.


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