Bout Recap

March 22, Bout 2

The Atlanta-Nashville rivalry heated up in a bout characterized by teeth shattering hits, with Atlanta’s Rumble B’s taking home the win. From the first second of the game, Nashville brought the pain, and the first jam brought a tie score. An early power jam for Rumble B Genie in a Battle put the B’s ahead by over 20 points, and they took it and ran with it. The first half saw a lot of 2-minute jams, which gave B’s jammers The Boss and Nora Gretz the opportunity to rack up the points. Nashville jammer Big Banger saw red and powered her way through tight walls and powerhouse blocking by Tica Boom and Desi Scarnez, but the score at the half was 122-53. The second half was a fight until the end, with hard hitting by Nashville blockers Cole Hearted and Incredible Hull, but the fancy feet on the Atlanta squad was too much for our neighbors to the north, and the Rumble B’s took the win.

Nashville Blocker MVP: Cole Hearted
Jammer: Electric Boogaloo

Rumble B Blocker MVP: Tica Boom
Jammer: The Boss


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March 22, Bout 1

The Sake Tuyas and Denim Demons both came fighting on the whistle, but Demon jammers, led by ChokeCherry and Nora Gretz, put the Demons ahead and the Sakes were never able to recover. Dynamite offensive play by Switchblade Siouxsie divided the Sake walls, and Sake jammers were consistently stymied by blockers Queen Loseyateefa and Ozzie Kamakazie. Early in the first half a Demon power jam by Afro Dykee with only 3 Sakes on the track put over 20 points on the board, and their momentum took off from there. The Sakes were no slouches, however, taking advantage of power jams late in the half. The score was 100-20 for the Demons at the half.

The Sakes came back from halftime a new team- they were energized, their walls were dense, and their jammers were swift. Jam by jam, they attempted to chip away at the Demon lead, and were able to gain momentum with jamming by Hella Blitzgerald and Wheelin’ Jennings, and knockout blocking by ICU Dead and Woah Nelly. Unfortunately for the Sakes, the early Demon lead proved insurmountable and the Demons took the win.

Demons MVP Jammer: Afro Dykee
Blocker: Ozzie Kamakazi

Sakes MVP Jammer: Hollicidal
Blocker: Woah Nellie


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Feb 15, Bout 2

In a bout characterized by huge hits and extremely fast packs, the Denim Demons brought the pain to the Toxic Shocks, but the Shocks’ deep jammer bench proved beneficial in bringing home the win. Kicking things off, perennial favorite blocker Queen Loseyateefa took the jammer star and hit her way into lead jammer over Jammunition, putting the first 2 points on the board for the Demons. Not to be outdone, Jammunition came back strong, and along with Nutella Ferrero and Trouble MakeHer, the Shocks took the lead. In this tight game, the Shocks’ Rebel Yellow consistently hit the Demon jammers out, and then recycled them to the back of the pack with almost military precision. The score was 61-50 with the Shocks in the lead at the half. The Demons were determined to capitalize on Ozzie Kamakazi and Switchblade Siouxsie’s power—both laying devastating hits on the Shocks’ jammers. However, the Shocks’ ability to send in fresh jamming legs time and again gave them the advantage and the win.

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Feb 15, Bout 1

With a score that could have gone either way for most of the bout, the Apocalypstix and Sake Tuyas brought the intensity for the season opener. The Stix came off the whistle hard, using strong walls to hold the Sakes scoreless for the first several jams, running up a 25-0 lead. The Sakes regrouped and a huge 29-0 jam by Sake jammer, Hollicidal, put the ninjas ahead. A combination of stellar blocking by Sakes ICU Dead and Amelia Scareheart and swift jamming by Wheelin’ Jennings and Hella Blitzgerald turned the tables, and the Sakes ran up a score of 79-46 at the half. At the top of the second half, Axtual Malice, Rudy Huxtabrawl, and Slamborghini created the tight walls the Stix are known for, and jammers The Ruffian and The Boss wouldn’t take no for an answer—the Stix mounted a come back with a score of 80-82 with the Sakes still in the lead. However, Hollicidal was able to put 30 points on the board, which was just the beginning of a 46-0 scoring run to secure the Sake’s victory.

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September 7, Championship Bout

The undefeated Toxic Shocks and the powerhouse Denim Demons faced up in the final bout of the 2013 Atlanta Roller Derby season, and it was a nail-biter from the first jam. The Demons and Shocks had already matched up once this year, in both teams very first bouts of the season, which the Shocks decisively won. You can bet that the Demons had every intention of returning the favor by serving up the Shocks their first loss of the year, and defending their ownership of the championship trophy (which they won from the Sake Tuyas in 2012). From the first whistle, it was clear that it would be close. Both of these teams are stacked with All-star and B-team jammers and blockers, and it showed. Shock jammers Jammunition, Jean-Juke Picard, Trouble MakeHer, and Tart Breaker (in her final bout before retirement) slammed through the likes of Ozzie Kamakazi, Queen Loseyateefa, and Switchblade Siouxsie. It wasn’t easy, but they got through, and the Shocks had lead jam for much of the first half. The legendary Demon Wild Cherri reminded us all that she is a true double threat, as she blocked and jammed her through the Shock packs, and the ever-reliable Demon jammers ChokeCherry and Hate Ashbury never quit. The immovable Shock wall of green lived up to its fame, as Alassin Sane, Rebel Yellow, and Desi Scarnaz made the Demons work hard for every point. It was always close, and at one point the Demons were within twenty points of the Shocks — a mere power jam away from the lead. In the end the ladies in blue never quite caught up to the Shocks, who brought home their first Championship trophy since 2010.

MVPs were Canna Whoopass in her last game before retirement (blocking), and Tart Breaker (jammer) for the Toxic Shocks. Demon MVPs were ChokeCherry (jamming), and Ozzie Kamakazi (blocking).

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September 7, Grudge Match

It was their last home bout of the season, and it showed from the first jam. The Sakes and the Stix both came out fighting in the 2013 Grudge Match, determined to win 3rd place in the league. For the Sakes, it was a chance to win their first league bout of the season, while the Stix looked to repeat their only win of the season, which was over the ninjas themselves. The Sakes came out jamming strong, with All-Stars Hollicidal (in her last game for the Sakes) and The Merchant of Menace tearing through Stix walls, and crowd favorite Wheelin’ Jennings juking up a storm. Rookie Sake jammer Fullatrix Lestrange showed how much she’s improved this season, and grabbed lead jammer over and over again for the Sakes — keep an eye on her in the 2014 season! It wasn’t all fun and games for the Sakes though, as Stix blockers Rudy Huxtabrawl and Axtual Malice landed some solid hits on the ladies in red. For their part, the Sake blockers set up slow, strong walls from the get go. Nora Gretz, Bruze Orman, and Belle of the Brawl in pink worked tirelessly to get through the likes of Agent Maulder, ICU Dead, and retiring-blocker Shannihilator but they never quite caught the Sakes, who were in the lead from the first jam. The Sakes dominated until the end, and capped off the 2013 season with a win.

MVPs were Fullatrix Lestrange (jammer) and Shannihilator (blocker) for the Sakes, and Nora Gretz (jamming) and Rudy Huxtabrawl (blocking) for the Stix.

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August 17, Bout 2

The Toxic Shocks and Sake Tuyas have a long history of fighting for, or in, the Championship Bout, and it’s always a close call. Last year the Sakes kept the Shocks from the Champ Bout with a close win, and the year before that the Sakes took the 2011 Championship over the Shocks by a mere 7 points. As you may imagine, both teams went into this bout with their historical match-ups in mind — and the undefeated Shocks were determined to not allow the Sakes to keep them from the Champ Bout again. In one of the most exciting games of the 2013 season, the Sakes almost dashed the dreams of the girls in green, again — but the Shocks held strong. The legendary slow and tight Shock defensive wall held back some of the best jammers in the league, while All-Star jamming from Shocks Jammunition, Trouble Maker, and Jean-Juke Picard put the Shocks in the lead. Penalty trouble caught up to the Shocks a few times during the bout, and Hollicidal and the Merchant of Menace took advantage of power jams for the Sakes. The score gap diminished quickly in the second half, with the Sakes coming within 1 point of the Shocks. It was anyone’s game at that point, and the crowd knew it! But — a couple of power jams (in the Shocks’ favor) later, the girls in green were in the lead for the win. The Toxic Shocks are going to the Champ Bout, folks. Don’t miss it!

Players of the game were Wheelin’ Jennings (jamming), and Agent Maulder (blocking) for the Sakes, and Jammunition (jamming) and Canna Whoopass (blocking) for the Shocks.

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August 17, Bout 1

In the first game of the 2013 season playoffs, The Denim Demons, ranked second in the league, and the Apocalystix, ranked third, came out hitting hard.  In their fight for a spot in the Championship Bout next month, both teams started off strong, with slow and tight defensive walls, and excellent jamming from each team’s reserve.  The Stix lead a few minutes into the game, as Nora Gretz, Belle of the Brawl, and Bruze Orman racked up points for the ladies in pink, and Stix blockers, lead by Rudy Huxtabrawl, held the Demon jammers at bay.  The game stayed close for the first fifteen minutes, but a pivotal power jam around the 15-minute mark turned the tide for the Demons.  The Demon defensive wall, anchored by All-Stars Queen Looseyateefa, Ozzie Kamakazi, Wild Cherri, and Switchblade Siouxsie was all but immovable going into the second half, and the score gap widened.  The Stix never quit, but they couldn’t quite catch the Demons, who dominated the second half.  With their resounding win, the girls in denim are headed to the Champ Bout!

Players of the game were Slamborgini and Bruze Orman for the Stix (blocker and jammer respectively), and TagHer Lily (blocking) and ChokeCherry (jamming) for the Demons.

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July 20, Bout 2

In the second game of the double header on July 20th, the Denim Demons and the Apocalypstix duked it out. Both teams came into the bout with one win and one loss, so this one was for all the glory. The minute the whistle blew, it was all about speed and control- both teams played relatively clean and we saw few penalties in the first half. The Demon jammers ChokeCherry, Afro Dykee and deathskull had a knack for gaining lead jammer status, and used it to stymie Apocalypstix jammers Belle of the Brawl, Nora Gretz and Genie in a Battle. A Stix rally late in the first half brought the score Demons, 111 to Stix, 73. The second half brought more brutality, and also more penalties for the Stix. The Demons continued on their path to domination, and the final score was 221-132 with the Demons taking the victory.

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July 20, Bout 1

In the first bout of a double header on July 20th, the All-Star Dirty South Derby Girls took on Gold Coast Derby Grrls from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The last time the two teams met, the Dirty South won with a sizeable lead, so Gold Coast was ready for a rematch. They came off the whistle hitting hard- bodies were flying off the track into the suicide seats from the start. Gold Coast fought their way into a one-point-game; with only minutes gone from the clock, the score was 23-24, with DSDG in the lead. DSDG regrouped, and started playing the game their way- setting the pack pace from the front, and destroying Gold Coast jammers. DSDG led at halftime 190-45, and Gold Coast was only able to score 22 points in the whole second half. Dirty South Derby Girls dominated Gold Coast with a final score of 414-57.

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